Our View

Oct 2014

When will the US achieve energy independence?

For the past 40 years, each US president has sought the elusive goal of energy independence in a bid to reduce the economic and security costs associated with importing energy. 

With this aim now firmly within reach, we draw on insight from across our research teams to highlight the key factors and uncertainties surrounding this significant change.

Oct 2014

Can increased transparency revive exploration investment?

As companies continue to reveal prospect details to attract investors, we review the disclosure of forward exploration plans

Oct 2014

China's changing energy landscape

Now that improving the environment has been made a clear political priority, we assess the impact on power, gas and coal

Oct 2014

Key global risks and trends shaping the energy industry

We identify the key challenges and opportunities out to 2030, and assess the impact on supply, demand, prices and trade flows

Oct 2014

Infographic: Celebrating 50 years of LNG

As the LNG industry marks its 50th birthday, we reflect on its evolution and ongoing importance within the energy landscape