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Apr 2015

BHP defers iron ore expansion project

BHP Billiton has curbed the pace of its expansion programme by deferring its project to reduce bottlenecks at the Port Hedland export terminal.

Here we assess how the decision will impact the company's target to raise production to 290 million tonnes per year and the affect on the wider market.

Apr 2015

Takahama ruling deals a blow to Japan's nuclear industry

We explore the consequences for the country's nuclear industry and the implications for future coal and LNG demand

Apr 2015

Why is Domino such a game changer for Black Sea gas?

Video: Chris Meredith discusses the competitiveness of deepwater gas in Romania

Apr 2015

China's new superhighway to alter energy trade

The country's Go West strategy will link the east to west but how will it impact energy trade within China and externally?

Apr 2015

Challenging times for global exploration

INFOGRAPHIC: But is the time right for strong explorers to capitalise and do more with less?