Our View

May 2015

South Africa's power supply crisis

South Africa's deepening power crisis has sparked regular outages across the country, contributing to a downgrading in its economic growth forecast for the year.

Leveraging our regional power market analysis, we assess the measures being taken to manage and secure the country's future electricity supply.

May 2015

Mexico unveils its conventional onshore opportunities

We assess the fields on offer, who will likely take part and the impact on the country's future oil production

May 2015

Australian LNG train starts: one down, 13 to go

We track project progress and share our view of the country's ramp-up volumes over the coming years.

May 2015

Upstream mega projects set to alter trade and refining

We reveal how production from the world's biggest offshore oil projects will alter refining sector dynamics

May 2015

Majors beat first quarter expectations

Leveraging our in-depth corporate results analysis, we explore the key themes that defined the first quarter of 2015