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Oct 2014

How low can the oil price go?

If market nerves are warranted and oil demand growth slumps significantly in 2015, oil prices could fall even further.

As part of a series of reports focusing on the United States and its role in the global energy mix, we explore the oil price decline through analysis of breakeven prices for probable developments and US tight oil production. 

Oct 2014

2014/15: A winter of uncertainty for gas

Watch our video to discover the changes occurring within the world gas market and the implications for Europe and Asia

Oct 2014

Beijing's smog crackdown to suspend steel production

Leveraging our integrated steel research, we assess how temporary restrictions on sintering will affect the Chinese market

Oct 2014

When will the US achieve energy independence?

Using integrated analysis from our Global Trends Service, we highlight the key factors influencing this evolving shift.

Oct 2014

Can increased transparency revive exploration investment?

As companies continue to reveal prospect details to attract investors, we review the disclosure of forward exploration plans