Our View

Feb 2015

Surviving low prices in Canada's oil sands

The operating cost of extracting bitumen from Canada's oil sands is among the highest of all project types globally.

Using our GEM, our Global Economic Model, we model 32 commercial projects in Canada's oil sands to evaluate how low oil prices will impact cash flows and production from the region.

Feb 2015

Newer technologies redefine Haynesville gas well economics

We analyse changing EURs and illustrate how evolving well designs are improving rates of return for steadfast operators

Feb 2015

Finding the balance: China's economic outlook

How will China's reform agenda to address regional inequality and environmental sustainability affect each province?

Feb 2015

When will US land rig count rebound after collapse?

We forecast the impact of low oil prices on onshore activity and rig operators using our new upstream cost resource

Feb 2015

What lies ahead for global coal?

Leveraging our deep understanding of world and regional market fundamentals, we provide our forecast for coal for 2015