Our View

Nov 2014

Five outcomes of an $80 Brent world

Since June 2014 oil prices have fallen dramatically, reaching around $80 per barrel.  

In a sensitivity to the base case, we use our Global Trends Service to illustrate the likely consequences of a period of sustained low oil prices and reveal the implications for the future. 

Nov 2014

Halliburton merger to shake-up oilfield services

Using our new North America Supply Chain Analysis Tool, we analyse how the deal may impact the wider industry

Nov 2014

Can European thermal coal prices fall even further?

Using our regional coal market analysis, we explore near-term supply and demand conditions and test future price floors

Nov 2014

Can US shale boom revive the St Croix refinery?

One of the world's largest refineries is poised to reopen – we assess and benchmark its potential economic performance

Nov 2014

Future production hurdles for deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Using our unique Upstream Data Tool, we analyse output from individual assets to assess the outlook for growth