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Nov 2014

The Philippines' battle to keep the lights on

With energy infrastructure being steadily outpaced by a surge in demand growth, the country could soon be facing a major power crisis.

Using our new analysis of the Philippine market, we delve into the country's key regions to assess the future of its power sector. 


Nov 2014

Can US shale boom revive the St Croix refinery?

One of the world's largest refineries is poised to reopen – we assess and benchmark its potential economic performance

Nov 2014

Future production hurdles for deepwater Gulf of Mexico

Using our unique Upstream Data Tool, we analyse output from individual assets to assess the outlook for growth

Nov 2014

Growing pains in China's LNG market

Leveraging our country and provincial-level analysis, we identify key developments and forecast the country's demand outlook

Nov 2014

US crude oil exports: Fuelling the debate

The call to lift the ban on crude exports is intensifying. Here we analyse the potential implications for the US