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Sep 2014

South America's Equatorial Margin: A new exploration phase

Acquisitions and farm-ins are continuing at an unparalleled rate.

We analyse what lies ahead for the region's hottest oil and gas frontier exploration play over the next five years.

Sep 2014

US tight oil: Is technology key to a new era?

Using our integrated upstream analysis, we research the possible implications of evolving technology and techniques from 2020

Sep 2014

Ukraine crisis: The impact of damaged infrastructure

Following the hostilities of July and August, we review the consequences for the country's energy and mining industries

Sep 2014

Major challenges ahead for the UK oil and gas industry

Scotland has voted against independence but upstream companies are still facing significant change in the UK.

Sep 2014

How will US shale gas alter the global propylene market?

Using our integrated market analysis of supply, demand and trade, we forecast shifting industry dynamics to 2030