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Sep 2014

How will US shale gas alter the global propylene market?

The US shale gas boom and new investments in China are forever changing propylene industry dynamics and driving demand for greater 'on-purpose' production to fill supply shortages.

Using our long-term forecasts to 2030, we assess how these projects will impact regional and global propylene markets. 

Sep 2014

Three possible triggers of the next recession

Watch our video to discover the key risks to global growth in an increasingly uncertain world

Sep 2014

Evaluating PETRONAS' long-term strategy for flexible LNG

PETRONAS is growing a large flexible portfolio. But can it overcome a period of market softness before reaping the rewards?

Aug 2014

Marcellus: Identifying US$90 billion in remaining value

Our granular well-level analysis of this key shale gas play indicates a strong future of continued growth

Aug 2014

Undeveloped resources in Norway: US$106 billion prize

Watch our video to discover how we use GEM, our unique Global Economic Model, to value technical reserves in Norway.