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We're proud to be a hybrid team. Analysts, consultants, data scientists, creators and strategists – our diversity helps us to stay close to you and your needs. Meet the team driving our vision.

Neal Anderson

President of Wood Mackenzie

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Executive Leadership Team

Mark Brinin, Executive Vice President, Global Finance

Mark Brinin

Executive Vice President, Group Finance

Mark takes the lead on all financial matters and is responsible for our group P&L.

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Wai-Fung Thompson

Executive Vice President, HR

Wai-Fung is responsible for the development and implementation of our People Strategy.

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Joe Midgley, Executive Vice President, Consulting

Joe Midgley

Executive Vice President, Research

Joe helps clients by bringing together Wood Mackenzie's deep industry knowledge and world class advice.

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Nabeel Azar

Chief Data Officer

With over 20 years of experience in data science, Nabeel has a track record for honing in on the insights that matter.

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Karen Padir

Chief Product Officer

Karen is responsible for building and leading the product organisation

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Chris Grieve, Head of EMEARC Consulting

Chris Grieve

Executive Vice President, Consulting

Chris leads our global consulting business – more than 100 professionals operating across the natural resources sector.

Latest articles by Chris

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Matt Overbeck, Senior Vice President, Sales, Asia Pacific

Matt Overbeck

Senior Vice President, Head of Power and Renewables

Matt helps to deliver value for clients in Asia-Pacific, providing the best and most timely insight in the market.

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Tom Wilker

Senior Vice President, Subsurface

With over 20 years of experience, Tom has a proven track record of leading oil and gas companies to success.

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Regional Executive Team

Marc Cohen

Senior Vice President, Sales, EMEARC

Marc is responsible for all commercial activities in EMEARC, ensuring effective engagement and proactive communication.

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Craig McMahon, SVP, Head of Americas Research

Craig McMahon

Senior Vice President, Head of Americas Research

Craig's remit is to grow the Wood Mackenzie brand in the US and Canada and support clients across the region.

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Khai Yang Koh

Vice President, Group Finance

With over 18 years of experience, Khai Yang excels at leading businesses to commercial success.

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