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Our website is packed with articles that give you a taste of the insight and analysis our global teams deliver for our customers. Here are some recent contributors.


Romana Adamcikova

Senior Research Analyst, North Sea Upstream

Romana is a senior research analyst with nearly a decade of experience across the North Sea upstream oil and gas sector.

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Farid Ahmed

Principal Analyst, Lead Markets

Farid is an experienced metallurgist and technologist with extensive commercial, production and R&D exposure.

Latest articles by Farid

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Greig Aitken

Corporate Research

With over 12 years of experience, Greig brings a holistic view of corporate activity to the upstream M&A research team.

Latest articles by Greig

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Gail Anderson

Research Director, Sub-Saharan Africa Upstream

Gail focuses on the Nigerian upstream industry and its gas and power sector.

Latest articles by Gail

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John Anderson

Principal Analyst, Metals Smelting & Refining

John focuses on the analysis of global smelting and refining operations and GHG emissions.

Latest articles by John

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Alexandre Araman

Principal Analyst, Middle East Upstream

Alexandre has global experience in commercial research, upstream valuations and supply and demand analysis.

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Benjamin Attia

Research Analyst, Solar

Benjamin leads Wood Mackenzie’s coverage off-grid energy, solar PV markets in Africa, and solar PV in the Middle East.

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Guy Bailey

Head of Intermediates and Applications

Guy leads a team of analysts focused on plastics, fibres and sustainability in the chemicals value chain.

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Alex Beeker

Principal Analyst, Corporate Research

Alex is a principal analyst on our Corporate Research team, focused on US tight oil.

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Natalie Biggs

Thermal Coal Research Lead, Americas

With nearly 15 years of coal and energy industry experience, Natalie leads our thermal coal research in the Americas.

Latest articles by Natalie

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Matthew Boyda

Vice President, Energy Transition Practice/Power Solutions

Matthew brings more than two decades of power industry experience to his role.

Latest articles by Matthew

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Mark Broadbent

Research Director, North America Oils

Mark leads our North America oils team in analysing crude and product markets.

Latest articles by Mark

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Andrew Brown

Head of Polymer Demand

Andrew is a senior analyst focused on polymer demand across multiple value chains.

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Matthew Campbell

Research Associate, European Power Markets

Matthew is a research associate with our Energy Transition Practice, focused on power market trends across Europe.

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Leandro Caputo

Director, Gas & Power, Latin America

Leandro is a skilled leader with extensive professional experience across the Latin American energy space.

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Ixchel Castro

Americas Market Lead - Downstream

Ixchel leads our research on downstream markets in North and Latin America.

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Matthew Chadwick

Vice President, Global Head of Petrochemicals

Matthew is an expert in analysing strategic and commercial issues for petchems and related businesses.

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Steve Chappell

Head of Global Exploration

With more than 30 years' of global experience, Steve leads the delivery of world-class exploration research.

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Mauro Chavez

Head of South America Gas & LNG Markets

Mauro has more than 12 years of experience in Latin American energy markets, with a focus on natural gas and LNG.

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Valery Chow

Vice President, Head of APAC Gas & LNG Research

Val draws on over 15 years' experience of strategy, market analysis, business transformation, and programme leadership.

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Ben Chu

Head of Trading Analytics and Proprietary Data, Natural Gas, Short-term Analytics

Ben supports our gas forecasting and monitoring offering, including gas production, LNG and proprietary storage.

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Hun Hao Chuah

Senior Research Analyst, Copper Mine Costs

Hun Hao has over 8 years experience in the metals and mining sector across operations, planning and research.

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John Coleman

Principal Analyst, North American Crude Markets

John leads our North American Crude Markets Service, delivering regular market outlooks and analysis

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Leslie Cook

Principal Analyst, Upstream Supply Chain

Leslie is a principal analyst and project manager for Wood Mackenzie's portfolio of drilling and rig products.

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Maria Cortez

Senior Research Manager

Maria is a senior research manager focused on Latin America's upstream sector.

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Chris DaCosta

Research Manager, CAISO Desk, Short-term Analytics

Chris is a power industry expert with a focus on the dynamic western US region.

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Suzanne Danforth

Americas Markets Lead, Downstream Oil & NGLs

Suzanne has been in the oil industry for 15 years, with experience spanning media and analytics.

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Anna Darmani

Lead Analyst, Energy Storage

Anna is a lead analyst focused on the European, Middle East and African storage markets.

Latest articles by Anna

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Brandon Davis

Research Director, Head of Corporate Analytics

Brandon leads the development and use of advanced analytics across the Corporate Research platform.

Latest articles by Brandon

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Quentin De Carvalho

Head of Nylon / Polyamide

Quentin has over 30 years’ experience in the chemical industry with a focus on polyamide nylon.

Latest articles by Quentin

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Flor Lucia De la Cruz

Senior Research Analyst, Hydrogen and Emerging Technologies

Flor is a subject matter expert in hydrogen and emerging technologies, working for our Energy Transition Practice.

Latest articles by Flor Lucia

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Xiaogeng (Arebise) Deng

Power Analyst

Arebise covers power markets out of Mexico City.

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Liz Dennett

Vice President, Data Architecture

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Chenyuan Diao

Senior Consultant, Power and Renewables Research

Chenyuan is an expert in wind data analysis covering Asia Pacific excluding China

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Malcolm Dickson

Research Director, Europe Upstream Oil and Gas

Malcolm leads our research coverage of the European Upstream sector.

Latest articles by Malcolm

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Gabriel Dufflis

Power Analyst – South America

Gabriel leads the power markets research at Wood Mackenzie’s Southern Cone Gas & Power Service.

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Ryan Duman

Principal Analyst, Lower 48 Upstream

Ryan specialises in basin characterisation, decline curve analysis, economic modelling, and competitor intelligence.

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Angela Durrant

Principal Analyst, Nickel

Angela is a principal analyst with almost 20 years' experience in metals research.

Latest articles by Angela

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Dan Eager

Principal Analyst, Europe Power and Renewables

Dan is a specialist in power market investment and dispatch modelling.

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Merve Ergez

Senior Research Analyst, Global Oil Supply

Merve is a senior research analyst focused on North America and Latin America oil supply.

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Amanda Fairfax

Senior Analyst, Downstream Oil, Short-term Analytics

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Kateryna Filippenko

Principal Analyst, Global Gas Supply

Principal gas analyst responsible for our gas supply view with a specific focus on Russia, Central Asia and Europe

Latest articles by Kateryna

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Joshua Firestone

Principal Petroleum Economist

Joshua is a principal economist with our Fiscal Service.

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Carl Firman

Principal Analyst, EMEARC Aluminium Costs

Carl leads our research into bauxite and alumina.

Latest articles by Carl

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Graham Freedman

Principal Analyst, European Gas

As a principal analyst, Graham develops our view on natural gas supply, demand and pricing across Europe.

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Enrique Galindo

Research Associate – Americas Olefins

Enrique Galindo is a research associate focused on short and long term olefins trends and outlooks.

Latest articles by Enrique

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Leila Garcia da Fonseca

Senior Manager, Wind and Solar O&M

Leila is responsible for our wind and solar Operations & Maintenance market research for the Americas region.

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Adrian Gardner

Principal Analyst, Nickel Markets

Adrian is a principal research analyst with our Nickel Metal Service, providing a global view of the industry.

Latest articles by Adrian

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Edgardo Gelsomino

Head of Aluminium Research

Wood Mackenzie's head of aluminium research has over 23 years' experience along the value chain.

Latest articles by Edgardo

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Rachel Goldstein

Research Analyst, US Solar

Rachel focuses primarily on US community solar and solar-plus-storage as part of our distributed solar practice.

Latest articles by Rachel

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Edward Gomersall

Research Manager, Gas & LNG

Edward brings a deep understanding of the LNG value chain, including project development and trade flows.

Latest articles by Edward

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Manjia Gong

Consultant, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Research

Manjia supports our power and renewables research team in Asia Pacific

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Kelsey Goss

Research Analyst, Global Solar PV

Latest articles by Kelsey

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Lindsay Grant

Research Director, Europe, Russia and Caspian Upstream Oil & Gas

Lindsay has deep expertise in Upstream Oil & Gas and has covered the sector since joining us in 2008.

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Paul Gray

Research Director, Iron Ore Markets

Paul is responsible for the delivery and development of our iron ore market service.

Latest articles by Paul

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Robin Griffin

Head of Metallurgical Coal

Robin has undertaken global mine cost estimation and supply analysis for both coal and base metals.

Latest articles by Robin

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Alex Griffiths

Principal Analyst

Alex draws on his experience as a Resource Geologist to analyse and forecast global steel and iron ore markets.

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Joyce Grigorey

Principal Analyst, Chemicals

Joyce covers the aromatics chain with a particular focus on paraxylene and PTA.

Latest articles by Joyce

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Sushant Gupta

Research Director – Asia Pacific, Refining and oils market

Sushant has over 15 years of experience with strong focus on refining, crude oil and chemicals industry.

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Zheng Han

Consultant, Power & Renewables Research

Zheng provides analysis covering China’s wind market

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Ashwin Haridas

Senior Petroleum Economist

Ashwin is a petroleum economist specialising in the analysis of global fiscal systems and economic modelling.

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Hugh Hartzog

Research Analyst, Aromatics

Hugh is principally focused on paraxylene in North American markets.

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Andrew Harwood

Research Director, Corporate and Upstream Research

Andrew is responsible for Wood Mackenzie’s corporate coverage in Asia Pacific.

Latest articles by Andrew

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Luiz Hayum

Upstream Research Senior Analyst, Latin America

Luiz's expertise lies in valuing upstream assets in Latin America.

Latest articles by Luiz

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Dale Hazelton

Head of Thermal Coal

Dale leads our Thermal Coal team, focusing on the impact of the rapidly-changing energy landscape.

Latest articles by Dale

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Alastair Heggie

Senior Analyst, European Gas Markets

Alastair specialises in the design, build and delivery of modelling solutions.

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Nimmi Henderson

Director of Global Operations, Global Olefins & Derivatives

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Richard Hewston

Global Content Lead, Environment and Climate Change, Verisk Maplecroft

Richard leads the development of Verisk Maplecroft’s environment and climate change research.

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Ann-Louise Hittle

Vice President, Oils Research

Ann-Louise directs our Macro Oils Service and is a frequent contributor to numerous industry publications.

Latest articles by Ann-Louise

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Daphne Ho

Senior Research Analyst, Oils and Refining

Daphne currently covers the short-term oils and refining research in Asia.

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Chloe Holden

Analyst, Energy Storage

Chloe's analysis focuses on US residential, commercial, and community-scale battery storage

Latest articles by Chloe

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Rui Hou

Consultant, Asia Pacific Refining

Rui Hou specialises in oil products supply for Asia Pacific region.

Latest articles by Rui

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Linda Htein

Senior Research Manager, US Lower 48 Upstream Research

Linda's work focuses on forecasting and analysing Lower 48 oil and gas supply.

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Yuqi Hu

Research Analyst, Corporate Research

Yuqi is a Research Analyst on the Corporate Research team. She has worked at Sinopec, Aramco and Clariant.

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Miaoru Huang

Research Director, APAC Gas & LNG

Miaoru Huang heads up Wood Mackenzie’s China Gas and LNG research in Beijing.

Latest articles by Miaoru

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Cameron Jack

Head of Platform Transformation

Cameron works with the consulting leadership team, supports collaboration and manages the group's internal reporting.

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Kavita Jadhav

Research Director, APAC

Covering Chinese National Oil Companies, including reports on the strategy and competitive position of these companies

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Eleni Joannides

Principal Analyst, Copper

Eleni brings more than 25 years' experience in the metals and mining sector to her role on our copper team.

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Adam Jordan

Product Director – Power Analytics, Short-term Analytics

Adam is product director for PowerIQ and PowerBuyer Analytics, delivering daily insight and analysis.

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Kamal Kaushal

Head of Oils and NGLs Fundamentals Research

Kamal brings over 25 years experience advising and operating the industry's top multinationals.

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Yamato Kawamata

Senior Power Market Analyst, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Research

Yamato is an expert in power and renewables in Asia Pacific with a focus on Japan

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Martin Kelly

Global Head, Curated Service, Energy & Natural Resources Research

Martin oversees our Curated Service offering, working across our energy and natural resource coverage

Latest articles by Martin

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Adela (WooJung) Kim

Research Analyst, Corporate Research

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Lucy King

Research Analyst, North Sea Upstream

Lucy is an analyst in our North Sea Upstream Research team, focused on the UK upstream sector.

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Chloe Kinner

Research Associate, RPET

Chloe covers recycled PET in the EMEARC region, focusing on short- and long-term European market dynamics and outlooks.

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Anthony Knutson

Principal Analyst, Coal

Anthony is a principal analyst with more than 20 years of experience across coal and power generation industries.

Latest articles by Anthony

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Kristy Kramer

Head of Markets, Gas & LNG Research

Kristy leads our gas market research team, delivering fundamental supply, demand and pricing analysis.

Latest articles by Kristy

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Søren Lassen

Head of Offshore Wind Research

Søren tracks, analyses and forecasts value chain dynamics, technological advancements and the market outlook.

Latest articles by Søren

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Victor Laurent

Head of Power Solutions

Victor brings a decade of experience in European power and renewables markets to his role.

Latest articles by Victor

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Kyeongho (Ken) Lee

Senior Power Modelling Analyst, Power & Renewables Research

Ken has over seven years of experience in power and gas/LNG sectors in Asia Pacific.

Latest articles by Kyeongho (Ken)

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Jonathan Leng

Principal Analyst, Zinc Markets

Jonathan brings an in-depth perspective to his analysis of zinc markets.

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Luke Lewandowski

Director, Power & Renewables – Americas

Luke manages our research practice in the Americas, across power, wind, solar, and the grid edge.

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Sylvia Leyva Martinez

Senior Analyst, North America Utility-scale Solar

Sylvia specialises in utility-scale solar PV projects as a Senior Analyst in our Americas Power and Renewables team.

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Robert Liew

Principal Analyst, Power and Renewables Research

Wind markets specialist with over 10 years of power and renewables research experience.

Latest articles by Robert

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Clay Lightfoot

Senior Manager, Americas Gas Research

Clay has more than a decade of energy industry experience and a particular expertise in political and regulatory issues.

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Jia Liang Lim

Research Associate, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables

Jia Liang Lim works on Asia Pacific power modelling and market analysis including covering Southeast Asian markets.

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Daniel Liu

Principal Analyst, Power and Renewables

Daniel's knowledge of technical, operational and financial aspects of wind and solar power informs his research.

Latest articles by Daniel

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Emma Liu

Senior Consultant and Research Analyst, Fibres

Emma focuses on the Asian fibres market, where she closely follows prices and dynamics. 

Latest articles by Emma

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Olivia Loa

Research Analyst, Global Chemicals

Olivia has experience across the energy value chain, from upstream oil and gas to chemicals and renewables.

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Anthony Logan

Senior Wind Analyst

Anthony focuses on the wind power value chain in North America, Central America and the Caribbean.

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Arthur Luo

Consultant, Chemicals

Arthur joined our Shanghai office in 2017 as an analyst covering the polyester chain in East Asia.

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Derryn Maade

Global Head of Bulk Commodities

Derryn leads a team of analysts providing insight into steel, iron ore, metallurgical and thermal coal.

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Cicero Machado

Principal Iron Ore & Steel Analyst

Cicero leads our research into the cost drivers of coal, iron ore and steel in the Americas.

Latest articles by Cicero

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Brian McIntosh

Research Director, Power and Renewables

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Fraser McKay

Vice President, Head of Upstream Analysis

As head of upstream research, Fraser maximises the quality and impact of our analysis of key global upstream themes.

Latest articles by Fraser

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Craig McMahon

Senior Vice President, Head of Upstream Research & President of Wood Mackenzie Americas

Craig's remit is to grow the Wood Mackenzie brand in the US and Canada and support clients across the region.

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Gordon McManus

Research Director, EMEARC Oils and Refining

Gordon is responsible for leading our global coverage of the long term oil products markets.

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Prachi Mehta

Senior Research Analyst

Prachi leads our short-term and long-term NGL service.

Latest articles by Prachi

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Francesco Menonna

Grid Edge Research Analyst

Francesco covers distribution grid modernization and advanced metering infrastructure.

Latest articles by Francesco

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Evgeniya Mezentseva

Research Analyst, EMEARC Gas & LNG

Evgeniya is an analyst for the Global Gas Model team and focuses on EMEARC gas demand, pipelines, supply and storage.

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Joe Midgley

Executive Vice President of Research

Joe helps clients by bringing together Wood Mackenzie's deep industry knowledge and world class advice.

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Erik Mielke

SVP Global Head of Corporate Research

Erik manages our corporate service, leading data-driven analysis and insight into strategies, performance and outlook.

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Andrew Mitchell

Head of Nickel Costs

Specialising in nickel for over 20 years, Andrew has a deep understanding of the metals and mining industry.

Latest articles by Andrew

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Erin Moffat

Principal Analyst, Upstream Supply Chain

Erin brings 15 years of industry experience to her role in our Upstream Supply Chain team.

Latest articles by Erin

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Glenn Morrall

Research Analyst, North Sea Upstream

Glenn is research analyst in the North Sea upstream team.

Latest articles by Glenn

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Iain Mowat

Principal Analyst, EMEARC Refining and Oil Product Markets

Iain brings extensive knowledge of global energy markets to his analysis of energy and petroleum demand.

Latest articles by Iain

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Michael Moynihan

Research Director, Russia Upstream Oil and Gas

As a research director in our upstream team, Michael analyses developments in the upstream industry in Russia.

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Sean Mulshaw

Research Director, Nickel Markets

Sean is an expert in global nickel, stainless steel and molybdenum markets.

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Alex Munton

Principal Analyst, Americas LNG

Alex brings a global perspective to his role as principal analyst for Americas LNG research.

Latest articles by Alex

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Brandon Myers

Senior Analyst – Lower 48 Upstream

Brandon is a senior analyst with our Lower 48 research team.

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Nathan Nemeth

Senior Analyst – Global Unconventional Plays

Nathan is a senior analyst focused on Canadian and Lower 48 unconventional plays research.

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Pia Marie Nottrott

Wind Market Analyst EMEARC

Pia joined Wood Mackenzie following her graduation from Copenhagen Business School in 2020.

Latest articles by Pia Marie

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Asti Nuraini Asra

Principal Analyst - APAC Gas & LNG Research

Asti provides commercial insight into market dynamics in the APAC region

Latest articles by Asti

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Mark Oberstoetter

Head of Americas (non-L48) Upstream Research

Mark has extensively covered the North Slope, deepwater, oil sands and unconventional sectors.

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Eunji Oh

Research Analyst, North America Gas

Eunji’s research focuses on gas demand forecasting and regional market analysis.

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Peter Osbaldstone

Research Director, Europe Power and Renewables

Peter is a research director with more than a decade’s experience in European power and renewables markets.

Latest articles by Peter

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Femi Oso

Research Director, Middle East & Africa Upstream

Femi leads a team of 30 analysts covering energy markets and corporate activity in Africa.

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Luke Parker

Vice President, Corporate Research

Luke is Vice President of Corporate Research with a specific focus on the Supermajors.

Latest articles by Luke

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Uday Patel

Senior Research Manager, Global Aluminium Markets

Uday is a senior research manager focused on global aluminium markets.

Latest articles by Uday

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Harry Paton

Senior Research Analyst, Oil Supply

Harry is a member of four oil supply research team. His focus is developing oil price models and benchmarking assets.

Latest articles by Harry

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Allyson Pellicci

Senior Research Manager, Global Gas Modelling

Allyson brings 15 years of industry experience to her role on our Global Gas Modelling team

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Robert Polk

Principal Analyst – Corporate Research

Robert is a principal analyst with our US Corporate Research team, covering Lower 48 independents.

Latest articles by Robert

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Raphael Portela

Senior Research Analyst, Corporate Analysis

Raphael focuses on Latin America and its national oil companies as a senior analyst on our Corporate Research team.

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Matt Preston

Research Director, North America Coal Markets

Matt Preston leads our Coal Market Service – North America, covering coal and emissions demand and pricing.

Latest articles by Matt

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Pablo Prudencio

Senior Research Analyst, US Lower 48 Supply

Pablo is a senior research analyst with our US Lower 48 supply team, focused on oil and gas production forecasting.

Latest articles by Pablo

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Jodi Quinnell

Manager, Crude Oil Analytics and Forecasting, Short-term Analytics

Jodi has over a decade of energy market experience and in-depth understanding of the North American crude oil market.

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Max Reid

Research Analyst, Battery Raw Materials Service

Max tracks supply chain developments, technological innovations and progressions in battery demand sectors.

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Yuan Ren

Senior Consultant, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Research

Yuan provides analysis covering China’s wind market

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Greg Roddick

Petroleum Economist

Greg has almost 15 years of industry experience, focused on corporate strategy, fiscal modelling and economic analysis.

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Justin Rostant

Principal Analyst – US Gulf of Mexico Upstream

Justin is a principal analyst with more than 15 years of energy industry experience.

Latest articles by Justin

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Rachel Schelble

Research Director, Corporate Research

Rachel leads the development of our corporate midstream research service.

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Stephanie Scollard

Product Analyst, Subsurface

Stephanie is a subsurface product analyst focused on Lower 48 well and production data.

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Hazel Seftor

Senior Research Analyst, Global Oil Supply

Hazel is a senior research analyst with our oil supply team, covering the Middle East and North Africa.

Latest articles by Hazel

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Chris Seiple

Vice Chairman, Energy Transition and Power & Renewables

Chris brings more than 25 years of global power industry experience to work across our team of over 150 researchers.

Latest articles by Chris

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Jake Sharp

Lead Specialist, Customer Solutions

Jake is a lead specialist in the customer solutions team.

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Benjamin Shattuck

Research Director, Americas Upstream Oil & Gas

Benjamin leads our US upstream analysis and specialises in the Lower 48.

Latest articles by Benjamin

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Caitlin Shaw

Research Director, Upstream Supply Chain

Caitlin Shaw is a research director of upstream supply chain.

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Chris Shepley

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Commodity Analysis

Chris leads our consultancy team in refining, marketing and chemicals.

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Scott Sherwood

Director of Engineering

Scott works closely with our product and engineering teams to deliver well designed, commercially relevant products.

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Rishab Shrestha

Senior Research Analyst, APAC Power

Rishab analyses Asia-Pacific power markets, with a particular focus on renewable market dynamics.

Latest articles by Rishab

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Rory Simington

Principal Analyst, Asia Pacific Thermal Coal Research

Rory Simington is a research analyst with over twenty years' experience in the Australian mining industry.

Latest articles by Rory

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Robert Sims

Research Director, LNG Short Term

With a background in trading and analytics, Robert provides commercial insight into the short term gas and LNG market

Latest articles by Robert

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Lucas Stavole

Senior Analyst – North America Wind

Lucas is responsible for wind market research and analysis in North America

Latest articles by Lucas

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Hillary Stevenson

Director, Oil Market And Business Development, Short-term Analytics

Hillary’s work focuses on fundamental data trends in the North American crude oil supply chain.

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Johnny Stewart

Principal Analyst, Downstream, Midstream and Chemicals

Johnny focuses on refinery supply, infrastructure and investments across the Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Latest articles by Johnny

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Mike Stinebaugh

Analyst, Corporate Research

Mike performs upstream natural gas asset valuations, with a focus on the Marcellus and Utica shales.

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Jenny Sulak

Vice President, Integration

A leader in multiple cross-discipline working groups, Jenny brings an holistic perspective to her role.

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Jonathan Sultoon

Head of Markets & Transitions, Energy Transition Practice

Jonathan has over 18 years’ experience leading analysis for global energy markets

Latest articles by Jonathan

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Zoë Sutherland

Principal Analyst

Zoë is a principal analyst with more than 15 years of industry experience.

Latest articles by Zoë

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Kevin Swann

Research analyst

Kevin is an expert in UK upstream research and has extensive experience working across the sector.

Latest articles by Kevin

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Ryan Sweezey

Research Manager, North America Power & Renewables

Ryan Sweezey is a Research Manager focused on coverage of North America power markets

Latest articles by Ryan

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Jamie Taylor

Senior Product Manager – Upstream Data Tool (Asia Pacific)

Jamie is a senior product manager who brings in-depth upstream sector knowledge and regional expertise to his role.

Latest articles by Jamie

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Alexandra Tennant

Senior Analyst, PET/RPET

Alexandra covers the PET and RPET markets for North and South America.

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Andrew Thomas

Head of Lead and Zinc

An experienced analyst with in-depth knowledge of the zinc market, Andrew has followed metal markets for over 20 years.

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Rhodri Thomas

Senior Vice President, Head of EMEARC Research

Rhodri's specialism is upstream and midstream oil and gas and commodity marketing.

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Douglas Thyne

Senior Research Manager, Global Oil Supply

Douglas manages our global oil supply research and forecasts.

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Alana Tischuk

Research analyst, exploration

Alana provides analysis of exploration economics, strategies and industry trends.

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Daniel Toleman

Senior Research Analyst, Asia LNG

Daniel's expertise lies in the modelling and analysis of oil and gas projects in Oceania and Asia Pacific.

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Janette Tourney

Principal Analyst, Copper Mine Costs

Janette’s analysis is enriched by extensive background knowledge of geochemistry and geology.

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Mfon Usoro

Senior Research Analyst, US Gulf of Mexico Upstream

Mfon focuses on developing asset valuations and delivering presentations on regional trends in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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Norman Valentine

Director, Corporate Research

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Bridget van Dorsten

Hydrogen Research Analyst

Bridget is a hydrogen-focused researched analyst within Wood Mackenzie’s Energy Transition Practice.

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Gerrit Venter

Director, Corporate Analysis​, Head of Corporate Research Operations​

Gerrit leads our corporate downstream research, covering the refining, chemical and marketing portfolios

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Scott Walker

Senior Research Analyst, Upstream M&A

Scott has nearly a decade of experience across M&A and corporate analysis in the upstream oil and gas sector.

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Dulles Wang

Director, Americas Gas and LNG Research

Dulles delivers analysis of all aspects of the natural gas value chain.

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Yufan Wang

Consultant, Global Offshore Wind, Power and Renewables

Yufan covers global offshore wind markets with a focus on China.

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Tim Welton

Head of Power & Renewables Research

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Emma Weng

Research Associate, Equity Insight, Short-Term Analytics

Emma models and analyses the US EV market, focusing on production levels, company efficiencies and creative efforts.

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James Whiteside

Research Director, Global Head of Multi-Commodity Research

With over a decade of experience in the metals and mining industry, James heads our Multi-Commodity Research division.

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Alex Whitworth

Head of Asia Pacific Power & Renewables Research

Alex leads our growing power and renewables research team in Asia Pacific

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Rachel Williams

Vice President, Head of Centres of Excellence

Rachel brings a comprehensive understanding of downstream value creation within the oil industry.

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Stewart Williams

Vice President, Curated Service

Stewart brings 30 years of oil industry experience to his role as Vice President, Curated Service.

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Adam Wilson

Senior Research Analyst, Global Exploration

Adam is a senior contributor to our global exploration research.

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Julie Wilson

Research Director, Global Exploration

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Richard Wilson

Chairman of Metals and Mining

Richard is an expert in the field of metals supply economics with a particular focus on copper.

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Vanessa Witte

Senior Research Analyst, Energy Storage

Vanessa is a senior energy storage analyst focused on US front-of-the-meter battery storage

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Kamil Wlazly

Senior Analyst, Aluminium Markets

Kamil's research focuses on primary aluminium markets and aluminium products.

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Malan Wu

Head of Steel Research

Malan is an experienced commodities professional with strengths in commodity analysis and commercial strategy.

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Yanyan Wu

Vice President, Data and Data Analytics

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Meng Xu

Senior Product Manager, Global Fiscal Research

Meng is an international petroleum economist. She owns WoodMac's fiscal modelling.

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Liam Yates

Senior Research Analyst, Sub Saharan Africa Upstream Oil & Gas

Liam’s research focuses on the commercial analysis of the upstream industry across the Middle East

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Maria Yee

Senior Research Analyst, Energy Transition

Maria has seven years of experience in the energy industry, across all major commodities.

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Yu Zhai

Senior Consultant, China Coal Market

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Shirley Zhang

Principal Analyst – APAC Coal Market

Shirley is a principal analyst with more than 10 years of experience in metals and mining industry research.

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Xianhui Zhang

Upstream Research Analyst

Xianhui is an analyst in our Upstream Research team and focuses on China and Eastern Asia.

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Xin Zhang

Solar Market Consultant, Asia Pacific Power and Renewables Research

Xin focuses on solar market research in Asia Pacific

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Yanting Zhou

Principal Economist, APAC

Yanting leads our in-house macroeconomic research for Asian economies.

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Timur Zilbershteyn

Principal Analyst, Chemicals and Polymers

Timur is a principal analyst with more than 20 years of experience in chemicals research.

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Juan David Agudelo

Director, Upstream Consulting

P upstream consultant for the Americas

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Shatha Alwardi

Director, EMEARC Consulting

An expert in long-term strategy development, Shatha advises on pricing, planning and market analysis.

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Simon Anderson

Director, Performance Improvement, Sub-Saharan Africa

Simon works with energy and natural resources companies to improve financial, commercial and operational performance.

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Patrick Barnes

Director, Metals and Mining EMEARC Consulting

Patrick has over 10 years of experience helping foster development of stable and equitable mining sectors.

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David Barrowman

Vice President, Fiscal Consulting

David leads our upstream fiscal service, drawing on more than 30 years' industry expertise.

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Chris Barry

Director, Downstream Consulting

Chris's consulting expertise spans the refining, chemicals and storage sectors where he has advised clients worldwide.

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Daniel Bermudez

Senior Consultant

Daniel joined as a Senior Consultant at Wood Mackenzie in 2018 and he is based in the Mexico City office

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Paul Brand

Senior Vice President, Upstream Valuation Consulting

Paul provides valuations and transaction support services to clients across the Upstream segment.

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Renaud Brimont

Head of EMEARC Consulting

Renaud leads our upstream consulting practice in EMEARC and is an expert in business transformation.

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Jose Brugada

Principal Consultant, Downstream Asia Pacific Consulting

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Robert Burt

Head of Consulting Operations

Robert works with our Consulting Leadership Team, responsible for the group’s reporting, collaboration and processes.

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Diane Charnock

Managing Consultant, Downstream Consulting

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Melvin Chen

Head of Energy Transition Consulting, Asia Pacific

Melvin focuses on commercial corporate planning, exploration strategies, due diligence, feasibility and market studies.

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Joel Chow

Vice President, APAC Consulting

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Roslyn Cooke


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Aurian De La Noue

Managing Consultant, Americas Consulting

Aurian’s expertise lies in providing growth strategy and transaction support advice to the downstream sector.

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Stephen Duck

Managing Consultant, Metals & Mining

Stephen brings over 10 years' experience in commodities research and consulting to the team.

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Eric Eyberg

Vice President, Head of Americas Gas and LNG Consulting

Eric leads our South American gas and power consulting, with personal expertise in gas and power.

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Artem Gamzin

Managing Consultant – Upstream

Artem is a managing consultant focused on upstream portfolio analysis and asset valuations.

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Antoine Gaudin

Senior Consultant, Energy Transition Practice, Asia Pacific

Antoine works in our Power and Renewables Consulting team in Asia Pacific

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Lisa Gillespie

Principal Consultant, Energy Consulting

Lisa is an experienced project manager working across upstream and the energy transition.

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Chris Graham

Vice President – Energy Consulting, Asia Pacific

Chris leads business development for our Asia Pacific energy consulting practice.

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Chris Hairel

Vice President, Head of Americas Downstream Consulting

An executive with 20 years of experience, Chris excels at addressing complex problems across the energy value chain.

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Frank Harris

Head of Global LNG Consulting

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Chris Heath

Vice President, Metals and Mining Consulting

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Konrad Jar

Vice President, Asia-Pacific Downstream Consulting

Konrad is an expert in investment studies and transaction support throughout the downstream energy sector.

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Georgina Kladis

Director, Upstream and Gas Consulting

Georgina has over 12 years of experience advising upstream players on commercial, market and strategy issues.

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Steven Knell

Vice President, Power & Renewables Consulting

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Thanasis Kofinakos

Vice President, Head of Gas and LNG Consulting, Asia Pacific

Thanasis brings 15 years of experience and broad knowledge of all aspects of the gas and LNG supply chain to his role.

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Scott Koronka

Head of Downstream Consulting, EMEARC

Scott is an experienced commercial consultant. He manages downstream consulting assignments for the EMEARC region.

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Bob Kubis

Principal Consultant, Americas Gas & LNG Consulting

Bob Kubis is a Principal Consultant in the Gas & LNG sector, focusing on delivering natural gas, NGL & LNG solutions

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Ian Kyle

Principal Consultant, Gas & LNG

Ian is a Principal Consultant with over 12 years experience in the gas and LNG industry.

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Andy Lee

Senior Consulting Manager, Power and Renewables

Andy is an expert in market analysis, supply chain and products in the power and renewables industry.

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Wei Liu

Director, Upstream Supply Chain Consulting

As an authority on the upstream value chain, Wei brings deep experience to his work on our consulting team.

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Yanghui Liu

Managing Consultant, Power & Renewables

Yanghui is an expert in wind industry market analysis, supply chain and products

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Aamir Malik

Vice President, Performance Improvement

Aamir works with international and national oil companies to improve financial, commercial and operational performance.

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Paul Manley

Director, Metals and Mining Consulting

A geologist by training, Paul brings over 20 years of industry experience to our metals and mining consulting team.

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Kara McNutt

Director, Downstream Consulting

Kara contributes to policy advisory work, corporate strategy development, valuations and scenario planning.

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Craig Moulton

Vice President, Metals & Mining Consulting, Asia Pacific

With more than 25 years of experience, Craig’s industry knowledge spans the entire mining value chain.

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Claude Mourey

Director – Performance Improvement

Claude is a global experience management consultant serving upstream Oil & Gas clients.

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Neeraj Nandurdikar

Senior Vice President, Global Head of Power & Renewables Consulting and Head of Americas Consulting

Neeraj is Global Head of Power and Renewables Consulting in our Energy Transition Practice.

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Joshua Ngu

Head of Upstream Consulting, APAC

Joshua leads our upstream consulting practice in Asia Pacific, delivering integrated, holistic solutions.

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Tin Nguyen

Director, Chemicals Consulting

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Nicole Papaioannou

Director, Gas and Power

Nicole is a seasoned technical and commercial advisor in the midstream LNG and downstream gas transportation.

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David Parkinson

Vice President, Upstream Consulting

David leads our exploration strategy team and is also responsible for exploration consulting.

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Mangesh Patankar

Director, Gas and LNG Consulting

With 14 years of experience in the gas/LNG and power industry, Mangesh has a deep understanding of client challenges.

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Lauren Payne

Director, Regional Consulting Group Manager, EMEARC

Lauren brings a decade of experience in the commercial energy research and advisory space.

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