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Driven by what our clients need, we work together to deliver the highest quality research and consultancy services, and help you make better business decisions.

We challenge ourselves and others. That's because everyone has a critical part to play in fostering the collaborative working environment and two-way relationships with our clients that define us.


Patrick Barnes

Principal Analyst, metals and mining consulting

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Paul Benjamin, Global Content Lead, Metals

Paul Benjamin

Global Content Lead, Metals

Paul provides high value, integrated research to clients throughout the metals markets.

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Pralabh Bhargava

Principal Analyst, Coal Research, Asia Pacific

Pralabh's expertise lies in coal markets, with a focus on Asia Pacific.

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David Brown

Principal Analyst, Americas and Global Gas

David is based in Houston and manages our gas, power and coal markets teams; he leads the Energy Markets Service.

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Nicholas Browne

Director - Asian Gas & LNG Research

Nicholas manages our Asia Pacific LNG, gas, renewable and electricity markets from Singapore.

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Jonathan Butcher

Principal Economist

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Akif Chaudhry

Senior Research Analyst

Akif is a member of our Gas and LNG research team. His focus is predominantly on European markets.

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Robert Clarke, Research Director Lower 48 Upstream

Robert Clarke

Research Director, Lower 48 Upstream

Robert analyses trends shaping E&P and studies the leading companies and projects.

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Horacio Cuenca

Upstream Research Director, Latin America

Horacio specialises in the Southern Cone region as part of our Upstream Research team

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Kelly Cui

Senior Analyst, Petrochemicals

Kelly is an expert in the coal-to-olefins (CTO) and methanol-to-olefins (MTO) sector.

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Malcolm Dickson, Research Director Europe Upstream Oil and Gas

Malcolm Dickson

Research Director, Europe Upstream Oil and Gas

Malcolm leads our research coverage of the European Upstream sector.

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Massimo Di Odoardo, Vice President Global Gas and LNG Research

Massimo Di Odoardo

Vice President, Global Gas and LNG Research

Massimo is an expert in the global gas value chain and leads our worldwide research in natural gas and LNG.

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R.T. Dukes, Research Director Lower 48 Upstream

R.T. Dukes

Research Director, US Lower 48 Upstream

R.T. is widely recognised as a global leader in US unconventional oil and gas markets.

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Tom Ellacott

Senior Vice President, Corporate Research

Tom leads our corporate thought leadership, drawing on more than 20 years' industry knowledge.

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Giles Farrer, Research Director, Global gas and LNG supply

Giles Farrer

Research Director, Global Gas and LNG Supply

Giles is responsible for our LNG service, the global LNG markets tool together with our global gas market service.

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Jonathan Garret, Research Director Lower 48 Upstream

Jonathan Garrett

Research Director, Lower 48 Upstream

Jonathan leads the analysis and development of our research on US Lower 48 Upstream.

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Paul Gaster

Director, Flexible Packaging

Paul has more than 40 years’ experience in the packaging industry in marketing services and corporate planning.

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Alan Gelder, Vice President Refining, Chemicals and Oil markets

Alan Gelder

VP Refining, Chemicals & Oil Markets

Alan leads our global refining and oil marketing research; he manages our refining and chemicals outlook in EMEARC.

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Alex Griffiths

Principal Analyst

Alex draws on his experience as a Resource Geologist to analyse and forecast global steel and iron ore markets.

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Andrew Harwood

Research Director, Asia Pacific Upstream Oil & Gas

Andrew leads our upstream research coverage in Asia Pacific.

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Nimmi Henderson

Director of Global Operations, Global Olefins & Derivatives

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Richard Hewston

Global Content Lead, Environment and Climate Change, Verisk Maplecroft

Richard leads the development of Verisk Maplecroft’s environment and climate change research.

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Ann-Louise Hittle

Vice President, Oils Research

Ann-Louise directs our Macro Oils Service and is a frequent contributor to numerous industry publications.

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Cameron Jack

Head of Platform Transformation

Cameron works with the consulting leadership team, supports collaboration and manages the group's internal reporting.

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Stephen Kallir

Research Analyst, Upstream

Stephen covers the Canadian Upstream sector, analysing market trends and prominent companies within the industry.

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Martin Kelly, Head of Corporate Analysis

Martin Kelly

Head of Corporate Analysis

Martin oversees research into the world's leading oil and gas companies as head of our corporate and M&A team.

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Julian Kettle

Vice Chairman, Metals & Mining

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Simon King

Business Director, Chemical Research, Films

Simon leads our research on speciality plastics, films and flexible packaging.

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Valentina Kretzchmar

Director, Corporate Research

Valentina is part of our corporate research team, advising senior managers on strategy and financial analysis.

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Alex Lidback, Vice President, Head of Research Chemicals, Polymers and Fibres

Alex Lidback

Vice President, Head of Research Chemicals, Polymers and Fibres

Alex leads our global chemicals, polymers and fibres research team within PCI Wood Mackenzie.

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Clay Lightfoot

Upstream Research Manager, Gulf Coast, Mid-continent and GoM Shelf

Clay's research is focussed on the US Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent and Gulf of Mexico Shelf.

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Lynn-Yuqian Lin

Research Analyst, Asia Pacific Gas and LNG

Lynn is our Asia Pacific gas and LNG analyst, based in Beijing.

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Ryan Macaluso

Senior Research Analyst, Petrochemicals

Ryan brings broad experience of all aromatic chemistries, particularly styrene and gasoline blending.

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Cicero Machado, Principal Iron Ore and Steel Analyst

Cicero Machado

Principal Iron Ore & Steel Analyst

Cicero leads our research into the cost drivers of coal, iron ore and steel in the Americas.

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Andy McConn, Principal Analyst, Corporate Research

Andy McConn

Principal Analyst, Corporate Research

Andy covers North American mid- and large-cap oil-and-gas companies for our Corporate Research Team.

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Paul McConnell, Research Director Global Trends

Paul McConnell

Research Director, Global Trends

Paul drives the analytical agenda of the Global Trends Service, drawing on over 15 years' experience.

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Craig McMahon, SVP, Head of Americas Research

Craig McMahon

Senior Vice President, Head of Americas Research

Craig's remit is to grow the Wood Mackenzie brand in the US and Canada and support clients across the region.

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Joe Midgley, Executive Vice President, Consulting

Joe Midgley

Executive Vice President, Research

Joe helps clients by bringing together Wood Mackenzie's deep industry knowledge and world class advice.

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Sean Mulshaw, Principal Analyst, Global Nickel Markets

Sean Mulshaw

Principal Analyst, Global Nickel Markets

Sean is an expert in global nickel, stainless steel and molybdenum markets.

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Kris Nichol, Senior Manager, Americas Corporate Research

Kris Nicol

Senior Manager, Americas Corporate Research

Kris drives the corporate research agenda in the US and is focused on growing our client base.

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Femi Oso, Research Director Middle East and Africa Upstream

Femi Oso

Research Director, Middle East & Africa Upstream

Femi leads a team of 30 analysts covering energy markets and corporate activity in Africa.

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Harry Paton

Senior Research Analyst, Oil Supply

Harry is a member of four oil supply research team. His focus is developing oil price models and benchmarking assets.

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Donald Perreira

Director, Petroleum Economics

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Matt Preston

Research Director, North America Coal Markets

Matt Preston leads our Coal Market Service – North America, covering coal and emissions demand and pricing.

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Ed Rawle, Chief Economist, Global Research

Ed Rawle

Chief Economist, Global Research

Ed leads our global crude oil analysis and oversees our global macroeconomic outlook.

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Andy Roberts, Research Director, Global Thermal Coal Markets

Andy Roberts

Research Director, Global Thermal Coal Markets

Andy's 30-year experience mean he is ideally placed to offer insight on global coal market trends.

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Angus Rodger, Research Director, Asia Pacific

Angus Rodger

Research Director, Asia Pacific

Angus leads our benchmark analysis of global Pre-FID delays, and deep water developments.

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Ben Shattuck, Principal Analyst, Americas Upstream Oil and Gas

Benjamin Shattuck

Principal Analyst, Americas Upstream Oil & Gas

Benjamin leads our US upstream analysis and specialises in the Lower 48.

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Chris Shepley, Head of Downstream consulting

Chris Shepley

Head of Downstream Consulting

Chris leads our consultancy team in refining, marketing and chemicals.

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Jen Snyder, Senior Vice President, Energy Research

Jen Snyder

Senior Vice President, Energy Research

Jen shapes our global energy markets analysis and holds close client relationships with investors and leading companies.

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Kevin Swann

Research analyst

Kevin is an expert in UK upstream research and has extensive experience working across the sector.

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Rhodri Thomas, Senior Vice President, Head of EMEARC Research

Rhodri Thomas

Senior Vice President, Head of EMEARC Research

Rhodri's specialism is upstream and midstream oil and gas and commodity marketing.

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Gavin Thompson

Head of Asia Pacific Research

Gavin oversees our Asia Pacific research helping companies identify and build their international growth strategies.

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Douglas Thyne

Senior Research Manager, Global Oil Supply

Douglas manages our global oil supply research and forecasts.

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Norman Valentine

Director, Corporate Research

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Jon Weintraub

Research Analyst, Lower 48 Upstream Oil and Gas

Jon works on reviewing trends and activities throughout the Permian basin.

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Rachel Williams

Global Product Manager, Product Market Services

Rachel brings a comprehensive understanding of downstream value creation within the oil industry.

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Julie Wilson

Research Director, Global Exploration

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Shatha Alwardi

Principal Consultant

An expert in the energy, metals and mining sector, Shatha advises on pricing, planning and market analysis.

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David Barrowman

Vice President, Fiscal Consulting

David leads our upstream fiscal service, drawing on more than 30 years' industry expertise.

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Chris Barry

Principal Consultant

Chris's consulting expertise spans the refining, chemicals and storage sectors where he has advised clients worldwide.

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Alex Bevacqua, Head of Metals and Mining Consulting

Alex Bevacqua

Head of Metals & Mining Consulting

Alex provides advice to governments and companies worldwide as head of our metals and mining consultancy team.

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Tim Bleakley

Head of Strategy Practice and Power and Renewables Consulting

Tim brings over 25 years of experience in the natural gas pipeline, power generation, and electric utility industries.

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Amy Bowe

Director, Upstream Consulting

Amy leads the Upstream Consulting team's Oil Price offering, leveraging our proprietary asset-level Oil Price Model.

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Paul Brand, Senior Vice President, Upstream Valuation Consulting

Paul Brand

Senior Vice President, Upstream Valuation Consulting

Paul provides valuations and transaction support services to clients across the Upstream segment.

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Renaud Brimont

Head of EMEARC Consulting

Renaud leads our upstream consulting practice in EMEARC and is an expert in business transformation.

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Robert Burt

Head of Consulting Operations

Robert works with our Consulting Leadership Team, responsible for the group’s reporting, collaboration and processes.

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Matthew Chadwick, Vice President Americas Downstream Consulting

Matthew Chadwick

Vice President, Americas Downstream Consulting

An expert in identifying opportunities in refining and downstream, Matthew leads downstream consulting in the Americas.

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Melvin Chen

Regional Consulting Group Manager, Asia-Pacific

Melvin focuses on commercial corporate planning, exploration strategies, due diligence, feasibility and market studies.

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Francesco Ciulla

Vice President, Upstream Consulting Americas

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Roslyn Cooke


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Kelly Cui

Senior Analyst, Petrochemicals

Kelly is an expert in the coal-to-olefins (CTO) and methanol-to-olefins (MTO) sector.

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Aurian De La Noue

Senior Consultant, Downstream

Aurian’s expertise lies in providing growth strategy and transaction support advice to the downstream sector.

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Eric Eyberg, Director, Latin America Consulting

Eric Eyberg

Vice President, Head of Americas Gas & LNG Consulting

Eric leads our South American gas and power consulting, with personal expertise in gas and power.

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Malcolm Forbes-Cable, Vice President, Upstream Consulting

Malcolm Forbes-Cable

Vice President, Upstream Consulting & Supply Chain Lead

Malcolm is an expert in designing international growth strategies, unconventional gas studies and portfolio reviews

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Chris Grieve, Head of EMEARC Consulting

Chris Grieve

Executive Vice President, Consulting

Chris leads our global consulting business – more than 100 professionals operating across the natural resources sector.

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Anita Haider

Principal Consultant, LNG/Gas & Power

Anita is expert in full value chain economics, long and short-term optimisations, contract pricing, and LNG shipping.

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Frank Harris

Head of Global LNG Consulting

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David Hart

Senior Consultant, Fibres

David is an expert in manmade fibres, with detailed knowledge of polyester and nylon fibre.

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Miaoru Huang

Senior Consulting Manager – China, APAC Gas and LNG

Miaoru Huang heads up Wood Mackenzie’s China Gas and Power team in Beijing.

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Mark Hutchinson, Vice President and Head of Gas and Power Consulting, Asia

Mark Hutchinson

Vice President, Head of Gas & Power Consulting, Asia

Mark is expert in strategy, finance, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations and due diligence.

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Konrad Jar, Director Downstream Consulting

Konrad Jar

Vice President, Asia-Pacific Downstream Consulting

Konrad is an expert in investment studies and transaction support throughout the downstream energy sector.

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Jack Jin, CFA

Senior Consultant, Americas

Jack focuses on commercial due diligence, unconventional investments, corporate strategy and industry fundamentals.

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Simon King

Business Director, Chemical Research, Films

Simon leads our research on speciality plastics, films and flexible packaging.

Latest articles by Simon

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Thanasis Kofinakos

Director, Gas and LNG Consulting, North East Asia

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Scott Koronka

Director, Downstream Consulting

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Gavin Law, Head of Gas and Power Consulting

Gavin Law

Head of Gas and Power Consulting

Gavin helps gas and power companies identify opportunities, and helps them develop successful strategies.

Latest articles by Gavin

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Aamir Malik, Vice President, Performance Improvement

Aamir Malik

Vice President, Performance Improvement

Aamir works with international and national oil companies to improve financial, commercial and operational performance.

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Paul Manley

Director, Metals and Mining Consulting

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Kara McNutt

Principal Consultant, Downstream

Kara contributes to policy advisory work, corporate strategy development, valuations and scenario planning.

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Salma Moolji

Senior Consultant

Salma is a senior consultant within our sister political risk agency Verisk Maplecroft

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Michel Muylle

Director, Americas Downstream Consulting

Michel provides strategy, regulatory and policy advice to clients across the Americas.

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Joshua Ngu

Principal, Asia Pacific Consulting

Joshua advises clients in corporate strategy, mergers and acquisitions and commercial due diligence.

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Nicole Papaioannou

Principal Consultant, Gas & Power

Nicole is a seasoned technical and commercial advisor in the midstream LNG and downstream gas transportation.

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David Parkinson

Vice President, Upstream Consulting

David leads our exploration strategy team and is also responsible for exploration consulting.

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Catriona Reynolds

Consultant, Gas and Power

Catriona's consulting expertise lies in the upstream and gas and power sectors.

Latest articles by Catriona

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Dan Robinson, Head of Americas Consulting

Daniel Robinson

Head of Americas Consulting

Daniel advises public and private energy clients on all aspects of business transformation and mergers and acquisitions.

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Laura Rodriguez

Senior Consultant

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Satvinder Roopra

Vice President, EMEARC Downstream Consulting

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Johann Schmid

Vice President, Performance Improvement

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Chris Sum

Vice President, Consulting, Middle East

Chris advises governments and businesses in the Middle East on strategy, energy policy and development.

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Anna Temple

Director, Downstream Consulting Americas

Anna leads our downstream consulting in the Americas; her specialism is transaction support.

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Gayanendra Thakur

Director, Metals and Mining Consulting, Asia Pacific

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Dominic Tisdell

Head of Metals and Mining Consulting, Asia Pacific

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Noel Tomnay

Vice President, Gas and LNG Consulting, EMEARC

With 30 years of energy industry experience, Noel leads the gas and LNG consultancy practice for EMEARC.

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Manni Truong


Manni is a product, platform and commercialisation specialist, who focuses on enhancing models.

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Pieterjan Van Uytvanck

Senior Consultant

Pieterjan works across the oil & gas, mining and chemicals sectors.

Latest articles by Pieterjan

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Tim Welton

Director, Gas and Power Consulting

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James Whiteside

Principal, Metals and Mining Consulting

James provides commercial, technical and financial advisory to companies in the metals and mining industry.

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