David Hart

Senior Consultant, Fibres


  • Petrochemicals

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Tel + 44 1423 568531

David offers over 40 years’ experience the global manmade fibres business, particularly in nylon and polyester fibre in all major product formats and end-use applications.  

David has detailed research knowledge of the key synthetic fibre markets and relevant business dynamics across the world. He also edits our global spandex report. A recognised expert in fibre and textile end-use segmentation, David is expert in building market models that forecast business dynamics and market development.  His consulting experience spans Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia supporting regional and international fibre and textile manufacturers together with a number of private and public international economic organisations.

Previously, David worked for ICI Fibres for over 20 years with ICI Fibres in the apparel, industrial and carpet fibre sectors. 


MA Geography and Geomorphology, Cambridge University