Jen Snyder

Senior Vice President, Energy Research


  • North America
  • LNG
  • Midstream oil and gas
  • Oil and gas markets
  • Upstream oil and gas

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Jen Snyder, Senior Vice President, Energy Research

Jen has more than 20 years of experience analysing the North American gas industry. Her career began at National Economic Research Associates, Inc., where she focused on rate design, cost classification, and allocation and service options for domestic and international natural gas clients. Since then, Jen has become an industry-recognised expert on gas markets and she currently leads our global market analysis.

Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, Jen was the Director of North American Gas research at CERA, where she led the development of short- and long-term analysis of North American gas markets. Previously, she analysed energy market design and developed utility rates at NERA.

Jen came to Wood Mackenzie in 2003 and, as Research Director, led the launch of the company's North American Gas Service that year. She also contributed to the development of our Global Gas Model and Global Gas and LNG Services, as well as our expansion into North Americia's coal and power markets.

In her current position as Senior Vice President, Jen leads and shapes our analysis of global energy markets. She also spends much of her time meeting with companies covering all segments of the energy value chain, as well as investors. She has presented to numerous board and senior-level strategy groups, and is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences. Jen currently serves on EPRI's Advisory Council Executive Committee.


Master's, University of Pennsylvania
BS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology