Kelly Cui

Senior Analyst, Petrochemicals


  • Eastern Asia
  • Petrochemicals

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Tel +86 (21) 6037 7337

Kelly is an expert in the coal-to-olefins (CTO) and methanol-to-olefins (MTO) sector, an emerging force in China’s chemical industry. She created and now manages our CTO and MTO asset cost model, which provides detailed insight and forecasts for all 39 diverse units and projects.

Having joined the team in 2013, Kelly now leads our Chinese chemicals research offering. She is based in Shanghai and advises clients throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas. Kelly has researched both olefin and downstream supply and demand and carried out extensive cost and price analysis. She is also regularly involved in our China-based chemical consulting projects, including a recent bespoken study of policy impact on  CTO development in China.

In the past, Kelly was a consultant in a European petrochemical consulting company for five years. She also has several years’ sales and marketing experience with two other chemical companies. 


MA Industrial Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics