Peter Martin

Principal Economist, Macroeconomics


  • Global
  • Macroeconomics, risk and global trends

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Peter joined Wood Mackenzie in September 2010, initially covering European energy markets before moving to the macroeconomics research team in 2011.

Responsible for producing Wood Mackenzie’s macroeconomic outlook to 2040, Peter is experienced in forecasting key macroeconomic metrics such as GDP, Industrial Production, fx, and inflation.

Peter regularly develops macroeconomic scenarios and sensitivity analysis. Examples include Brexit, banking crises, and trade wars. He has also contributed to consulting projects, assessing the economic impact of oil and gas development. An area of special interest is the fiscal stability of oil-producing economies in the Middle East and Africa.

Before joining Wood Mackenzie, Peter was an energy analyst at Iberdrola for three years. In this role he was responsible for providing technical and fundamental analysis of European energy markets to the trading desk.


  • MA (Hons) Economics, the University of Glasgow
  • MSc Economic Management and Policy, Strathclyde Business School