R.T. Dukes

Research Director, US Lower 48 Upstream


  • United States
  • Rocky Mountains
  • Unconventional oil and gas production

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R.T. Dukes, Research Director Lower 48 Upstream

R.T. is widely recognised as a global leader in US unconventional oil and gas and advises companies at the executive and board level. As well as being a regular speaker at international industry conferences, he's a media favorite that you'll find quoted in various print and broadcast media outlets.

R.T. began his career covering the Barnett Shale as horizontal drilling took off and later managed our Rockies research as Bakken Shale development exploded. His roots in East Texas mean the Haynesville Shale is close to home. By design or maybe happenstance, he has been at the forefront of almost every shale story. He authored research highlighting the potential of tight oil years before US production surged.

He has spent most of his career in the weeds of unconventionals and is leaned on for evaluating the impact to local and global markets. He is a recognised thought-leader and is a contributor to many US and macro-market publications at Wood Mackenzie. At the firm, he has worked in various research and consulting roles and contributed to valuation and due-diligence work that accounts for billions in transactions.