Charting a path through the energy transition: Energy Transition Outlook Webinar

In advance of the global stocktake that will conclude at COP28 in Dubai later this year, Wood Mackenzie has launched its energy transition outlook (ETO) modelling different pathways through the energy transition.

The path to net zero is complex and incorporates all aspects of global energy and natural resources systems. The ETO is an independent assessment and maps three scenarios with increasing levels of ambition, difficulty and investment.

The outcome is clear – to achieve net zero we must all act now.

Join Wood Mackenzie on 21 November at either 8am GMT / 4pm SGT or 4pm GMT / 10am UTC to find out about:

  • The three different scenarios: base case, country pledges and net zero by 2050
  • The investment required to meet each scenario
  • The role that technologies such as hydrogen and CCUS must play
  • The carbon pricing required to close the gap
  • The role of oil and gas in a managed transition

Register today and secure your spot to hear this unique insight from our experts.

Interested in learning more about our speakers?

Jom Madan

Senior Research Analyst, Scenarios & Technologies

Jom works on scenario modelling for country and global-level energy mixes across all major energy commodities

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Roshna N

Research Analyst, Energy Transition

Roshna N specialises in integrated energy and emission models for Asia-Pacific and African markets.

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Lindsey Entwistle

Senior Research Analyst, Energy Transition

Lindsey provides analysis and insights into global policy, regulations and disruptive technologies.

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Jonathan Sultoon

Head of Markets & Transitions, Energy Transition Practice

Jonathan has over 18 years’ experience leading analysis for global energy markets

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