Wood Mackenzie's Future Facing Mined Commodities Forum

Virtual Event

Following Wood Mackenzie’s acquisition of Roskill in Q3 2021, we are pleased to now offer our clients unparalleled coverage of the Metals and Mining industry. The next decade presents a unique set of risks and opportunities for mined commodities. Never before has the mining industry had such a clear view of a long-term transformative demand event, that we see encapsulated by the energy transition.

By attending this forum, you will explore the latest trends and insights on:

  • The key market drivers of our Energy Transition and Battery Raw Materials suite, complemented by our enhanced Nickel and Copper market coverage
  • How capital can be the driving force that brings the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition to life
  • Marrying the key short-term drivers impacting mined commodity markets with the promise of superior returns that may materialise over the longer term


Topics we'll cover include:

  • The Growing Importance of Future Facing Commodities
  • Demand Drivers - Cathode & Precursor
  • How Much Investment is Needed in Lithium to Meet the ET Demand?
  • Cobalt – The Future of A Technology Enabler  
  • The Drive to “Green Nickel”
  • Graphite – The Overlooked Critical Material for Batteries
  • Rare Earths – A Critical Enabler of the Energy Transition
  • Copper – A Key Building Block for A Clean, Green Future


Featured Speakers

  • Derryn Maade, Global Head of Metals & Mining Markets
  • Robin Griffin, Vice President of Metals & Mining
  • Julian Kettle, Vice Chairman of Metals & Mining
  • Gavin Montgomery, Research Director of Battery Raw Materials
  • Kevin Shang, Research Analyst of Cathode & Precursor Materials
  • Allan Pedersen, Principal Analyst of Lithium
  • Ying Lu, Senior Analyst of Cobalt
  • Andrew Mitchell, Research Director of Nickel Markets
  • Suzanne Shaw, Principal Analyst of Graphite
  • David Merriman, Research Director of Rare Earth Elements
  • Nick Pickens, Research Director of Copper Markets


Session Timings

We are running two virtual sessions:

  • APAC Edition will run 1:00pm - 3:55pm SGT | 2:00pm - 4:55pm JST/KST | 3:00pm - 5:55pm AEST
  • EMEA/US Edition will run 2:00pm - 4:55pm GMT | 9:00am - 11:55am ET

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