The tale of two transitions on the future of petrochemicals

Part of GPCA webinar series

Wood Mackenzie is proud to have been a presenter in the Gulf Petrochemical & Chemicals Association (GPCA) webinar series. 

GPCA Webinar Series

The Tale Of Two Transitions On The Future Of Petrochemicals | November 25th 

The webinar covered what the energy transition means for petrochemicals and how the materials transition will change the plastics value chain.


  • What are the two transitions?
  • What does the energy transition mean for petrochemicals?
    • Future of oil demand
    • Survival strategy for refiners
    • Sustainability of second-generation integrated refinery-petrochemical assets
    • Market implications of such sites (competitiveness, feedstock availability concerns for standalone petrochemicals)
  • What does the materials transition mean for petrochemicals?
    • What can plastics learn from the energy industry’s ambition towards net zero?
    • What will more sustainable materials choices mean for plastic demand?
    • Bioplastic and chemical recycling: technological saviours or a distraction?
    • What could the knock-on impact be for the already challenged refining sector?
  • Signposts for Gulf producers to watch

Presenters from Wood Mackenzie:

  • Matt Chadwick, VP Petrochemicals
  • Alan Gelder, VP Refining, Chemicals and Oil Markets – Downstream Global SME

  • Guy Bailey, Head of Applications and Intermediates