Webinar | Oil price crash: Impact on Lower 48 well costs and supply chain

About the Webinar

Oil Price Crash: Tight oil costs managed to fall again, but what happens next?

Hedging gains, scaled-back drilling plans, and G&A reductions aren’t enough for tight oil to sustain itself. Something else must happen.

One of the only remaining opportunities is lower unit costs for wells remaining in development plans. There are far too many Oilfield Service (OFS) companies vying for a small amount of remaining work though. As a result, E&Ps have all the leverage and are pressuring OFS providers for further cost concessions. 

We thought Q1 2020 costs were the bottom. But prices are still being driven lower for nearly every component.

Attend this webinar to hear a discussion on:

  • How low have OFS prices fallen already?
  • Will lower well costs push tight oil back into the money?
  • Where do costs go from here?
  • How will rock-bottom OFS prices impact the market and long-term strategic options?



Danielle Burkhart, Vice President Upstream Research

Scott Forbes, Vice President 
Ryan DumanResearch Director, Lower 48 Upstream Oil and Gas
Nathan Nemeth, Senior Analyst, Upstream Research