Webinar | Benchmarking Permian PDP decline rates

Proved developed production - here today, gone tomorrow

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How much would an operator's existing production decline if it stopped drilling at year end? Answering this question is a critical component to both corporate valuations and understanding an operator's ability to grow in 2020. Wood Mackenzie research analysts used Lens Well Evaluator to analyze the proved developed production (PDP) decline rate of operators across the Permian Basin.

Join our analysts for an interactive webinar on Wednesday, December 4th at 10am CST covering topics such as:

  • Why is correctly forecasting proved developed producing (PDP) volumes so critical today?
  • Even operators within the same peer group have wide ranging PDP valuation metrics. This is central to valuing consolidation opportunities correctly.
  • Accurately forecasting PDP decline rates is complex and a myriad of factors influence the outcome. How does Lens analytics make an arduous task simple?
  • Chesapeake’s Haynesville asset is rumoured to be on the market. How does a robust PDP analysis compare to what market comps imply it may be worth?


Robert Clarke - Research Director, Lower 48 Upstream

Benjamin Shattuck - Research Director, Lower 48 Upstream