Wood Mackenzie Energy Summit Houston

Join us for our annual Energy Summit in Houston, as our industry experts and guest speakers debate the future of energy.

Wood Mackenzie Energy Summit Houston

Join us this October in Houston for a full-day event where our research and consulting experts cover a diverse range of industry sectors. The Wood Mackenzie Energy Summit offers you the opportunity to be a part of the conversation with our top industry analysts, gain perspectives on macro views, explore strategic implementations and dive into sector specific key themes. Choose from exclusive sessions with content particular to your business space in the energy value chain.





Navigating the changing energy landscape

Energy companies face profound challenges. Today geopolitics drive commodity markets as much as fundamentals. Technology, data and analytics will change supply and demand dynamics as well as the way the industry operates. Disruption is real with the energy transition underway and peak oil demand on the horizon. How can companies bound today by shareholders’ demands for capital discipline forge strategies to succeed?


Networking Lunch


U.S. Hydrocarbon Exports

Theme: US hydrocarbons in a global context: Export markets and infrastructure

  • Competitive economics in the Lower 48 space underlie expected substantial production growth in coming years for crude, gas and NGLs - but in which markets will these hydrocarbons find a home?
  • Shifting demand trends in the US in coming years promise to push more US refined products into global markets – what does this mean for the US refining sector? Will the US be a net oil & oil products exporter?
  • With a successful first wave of US LNG projects ramping up, what is the outlook for the coming second wave of investment?
  • Will natural gas exports by pipeline be a material story relative to LNG exports in coming years?
  • Where will midstream export investment opportunities emerge for crude and NGLs? Will there be near term constraints? Which export hubs are best positioned to be market leaders for US hydrocarbon exports?


Energy Transition

Theme: Decarbonization is the disruptive movement that will rewrite the rules of the United States power market

  • Deep decarbonization requires deep pockets – understanding the costs of the Energy Transition
  • The building blocks of the Energy Transition – decarbonization requires massive investments in new wind, solar and energy storage solutions
    • What are the “upstream” opportunities in renewables?
    • Who is best positioned to provide those solutions?
  • Profits v. penetration – decarbonization efforts may jeopardize both thermal and project returns
    • What are the expected returns for renewables and what drives the economics of these projects?
    • How does the regulatory environment evolve to address the needs of a market where the marginal cost of energy goes to zero?
  • Utility of the future – grid edge technologies as a disruptive force
    • How does the changing role of customers as resources for utilities instead of mere consumers of electricity impact ratemaking?
    • How does the e-mobility migration and associated V2G applications impact utilities?
  • Leaving behind a legacy – where do O&G firms fit within a decarbonized world
    • Is investor agitation and pressure from corporate peers incentivizing the majors to address carbon emissions and build a sustainable business model?
    • What are technologies and business models that enable O&G to create value?


US Lower 48 Uncoventionals

Theme: Determining strategies to deliver value by leveraging digitalization across the hydrocarbon supply chain

  • What drives value in todays market and will this create value in the future? Investor sentiment, A&D, consolidation, operational efficiency, sustainability

  • Are majors poised to compete and generate value in unconventional plays?(Making up ground on the independents – post COM, CVX Permain targets)

  • Do we have enough high quality inventory?Understanding the technologies and operational improvements to unlock additional resource potential

  • “Tale of Two Basins” – Integration of data and with the digital transformation to understand supply and infrastructure markets in key plays. (Lens/Nutech/Analaytics Lab)


Deepwater GoM/LatAm

Theme: Competitive and relevant

  • Conventional upstream faces increasing pressures both internally and externally. How are companies in the Americas responding, to maintain a competitive conventional portfolio?

  • In the US Gulf of Mexico, the corporate landscape has transformed as companies have adapted and evolved. For many, the US GoM is still an attractive place to invest. We will illuminate the successful – and not-so-successful – trends and strategies.

  • Latin America has seen a boom in new licensing over the past few years, offering some of the largest prospects and projects in the world. Opportunities for smaller companies also abound in this hottest global region for conventional upstream.

  • Underpinning the competitiveness of the Americas region is a revolution in cost structure, particularly in the service sector. Our detailed analysis of the supply chain will help you understand the sustainability of cost reductions and what the future holds for this vital sector.

  • The lifeblood of the region’s future springs from exploration. We will show you what the turnaround in exploration means and how much value conventional exploration is delivering.

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