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Gold Product Suite

In-depth gold market analysis that helps you benchmark against competitors, evaluate opportunities, and position yourself for growth

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Assess investment opportunities and make cost-effective sourcing decisions in the gold mining industry

Maximise your investments with granular asset modelling of gold mine costs, upcoming projects, cashflows, production, and valuations. We help you to analyse industry trends, evaluate M&A opportunities, benchmark against competitors and understand corporate challenges, opportunities, and trends.

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Features and workflows

Unlock the full potential of your investments with our gold mining research, which includes our expert insights, asset-level reports, cost curve tools, AISC curve, SWOT analysis and granular data on financial and operating metrics

Key features of Wood Mackenzie's Gold Product Suite:

  • Access online cost models 
  • Understand key data at the asset, company and country level 
  • Costs, cash flows and production forecasts 
  • Project data and project incentive price analysis 
  • Obtain comprehensive analysis on emerging trends 

Wood Mackenzie's Gold Product Suite provides data on:

Comprehensive asset analysis 

  • Detailed asset reports and country summaries covering the life of mine costings, cashflows, production, and reserves. 
  • Quarterly supply summary report detailing historical trends and our outlook. 
  • Project insight published twice a year, including our database providing detailed information on over 325 early-stage projects. 

Cost analysis and asset-level modelling 

  • 907 assets modelled out to 2040 with a detailed asset analysis of their cost, margins and financial metrics needed to assess potential investment.  
  • Stress test assets by flexing production metrics, cost metrics and economic assumptions. 
  • Includes cost curve tools, AISC curve updated quarterly, and SWOT analysis. 

Stay informed 

  • Access to tailored insights into key market themes and our global team of Wood Mackenzie analysts.

Wood Mackenzie's Gold Product Suite enables a number of key workflows including:

  • Examine comprehensive data on mining assets, companies, and countries to gain insights into market dynamics and identify trends. 
  • Perform detailed analyses of competitor assets to identify potential acquisition targets for business expansion. 
  • Analyse cost structures and resource allocation to inform strategic planning, optimise costs, and enhance overall business strategies.
  • Conduct financial modelling and cost-benefit analysis. 
  • Benchmark against industry peers to develop strategies and improve competitive positioning. 

Why choose WoodMac's Gold Product Suite?

People: Our global team of experts has modelled hundreds of scenarios to provide comprehensive analyses of the metals and mined commodities sectors while integrating coverage of the energy ‘decarbonisation’ story.  

Granularity: Built from the bottom up, access to asset-level data through our portal and tools. 

Industry-standard methodology: Our C1, C2, and C3 mine cost methodology has been established as the global industry standard, entrenched in the workflows of the world’s leading financial institutions and mining corporations. 

Transparency: Analysis and commentary on gold mine supply, margins, projects and productions to help you answer complex questions on gold mining cost. 

Frequently asked questions

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions you may have on Wood Mackenzie's Gold Product Suite. If you have any other questions, get in touch.

Designed for a diverse range of professionals and organisations in the gold mining industry seeking reliable data, analysis, insights and tools to navigate the complexities of the landscape. This includes mine owners and operators, investment analysts, fund managers, commodity traders, commercial strategists, business development managers, supply chain and procurement managers. 

Access to accurate and reliable market analysis is crucial in remaining competitive amid global economic uncertainties, we provide you with detailed insights into supply, demand, trade flows, and price trends, enabling you to anticipate market movements and make informed strategic decisions.

Further your strategic planning with our in-depth analysis and forecasts of gold market fundamentals at the global and regional level with our peer analysis by mine, company or country, cost curves and access to reports and insights from our global team of analysts.

We provide you with individual asset reports and tools including cost curves and cost models to empower you to thrive in a competitive landscape. Use it to: 

  • Benchmarking against competitors to optimise costs and margins. 

  • Identify risks, opportunities, and operational efficiencies to enhance profitability. 

  • Stress test with scenario modelling capabilities under Wood Mackenzie’s energy transition scenarios to assess business resilience, optimise planning and investment strategies.

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