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Noble Steel Alloys Product Suite

Gain clarity of the ferrous alloy industry with our in-depth market research on noble steel alloys

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Essential intelligence for noble steel alloys

Rising demand and supply chain disruptions are driving price volatility and emphasising the need for sustainable production methods in the ferrous alloy industry. Our cross-cutting analysis across molybdenum, niobium, and vanadium in our Noble Steel Alloys Product Suite helps you make informed decisions, mitigate risk, and capitalise on opportunities.

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Features and workflows

Understand the noble steel alloy market with fundamental and cross-cutting analysis across molybdenum, niobium and vanadium.

Key features of Wood Mackenzie's Noble Steel Alloys Product Suite:

  • Comprehensive coverage of the noble steel alloys market covering ore feedstock supply chain, sustainability issues and price predictions
  • Asset-level profiles on vanadium assets
  • Access to vanadium plant-by-plant benchmarking analysis
  • Granular data for prices, demand production and commentary on trade flows
  • Stay informed with regularly published reports and insights

Wood Mackenzie's Noble Steel Alloys Product Suite provides data on:

Noble Steel Alloys Market Service  

  • Strategic Planning Outlook: Comprehensive view of global and regional markets for the next 30 years, with data and analysis to 2050.
  • Investment Horizon Outlook: Analysis of the investment landscape and market implications for current and anticipated investments for the next 10 years, with data to 2050.
  • Short-Term Outlook: Monthly market outlook on supply, demand, trade, and price forecasts for the next 2 years. 


Vanadium Cost Service

  • Gain insight into the cost makeup of the entire vanadium supply chain and the operating costs associated with the production of vanadium pentoxide and ferrovanadium. 
  • Outlooks for capacity, production, and operating costs to 2040. 
  • Individual profiles for each asset, industry cost curves and plant-by-plant benchmarking analysis for multiple producers of projects. 

Stay informed 

  • Access to tailored insights into key market themes and our global team of Wood Mackenzie analysts. 

Wood Mackenzie's Noble Steel Alloys Product Suite enables a number of key workflows including:

  • Gather accurate market intel and granular data on vanadium operating mines, processing plants, and steel alloys companies.
  • Screen, identify and assess potential assets or companies for acquisition.
  • Conduct valuation appraisal, financial modelling, and cost-benefit analysis. 
  • Benchmark against industry peers and develop strategies to improve competitive positioning. 
  • Analyse cost structures and resource allocation to inform strategic planning and enhance overall business strategies. 

Why choose WoodMac's Noble Steel Alloys Product Suite?

People: Our global team of experts has modelled hundreds of scenarios to provide comprehensive analyses of the metals and mined commodities sectors while integrating coverage of the energy ‘decarbonisation’ story.  

Granularity: Our data is built from the bottom up and available through our portal and tools. Access insights into the cost makeup of the entire vanadium supply chain and operating cost associated with production of vanadium pentoxide and ferrovanadium.

Breadth: Our market outlooks offer insights into noble steel alloys market fundamentals, providing a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.

Transparency: Analysis and commentary on macroeconomic trends, supply, demand and price fundamentals to help you answer complex questions on multiple feedstocks including by-product from steel refining, mined ore and various waste streams. 

Frequently asked questions

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Designed for a diverse range of professionals and organisations in the ferrous alloy industry seeking reliable data, analysis, insights, and tools to navigate the complexities of the landscape. This includes steel producers, ferrous alloy manufacturers and fabricators, commercial strategists, business development managers, supply chain and procurement managers. 

Access to accurate and reliable market analysis is crucial in remaining competitive amid global economic uncertainties, we provide you with detailed insights into supply, demand, and price trends, enabling you to anticipate market movements and make informed strategic decisions.

Our framework is based on an integrated analysis of mining and metals’ interdependencies across energy and natural resources sectors to give you the most comprehensive knowledge you need to succeed.

We cover three commodities  in the ferrous alloys sector - molybdenum, niobium and vanadium. This allows you to accurately capture the nuances of each commodity and explore cross-commodity market trends and themes.

Noble Steel Alloys Market Service covers long-term supply, demand and price forecasts for individual commodities and coverage of the noble steel alloys value chain. While Vanadium Cost Service covers the entire vanadium supply chain and operating cost associated with the production of vanadium pentoxide and ferrovanadium.

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Discover in-depth analysis of the ferrous alloys industry with a holistic coverage from operating mines and plants to market with detailed asset reports, cost and latest market developments. Speak to an industry expert today to guide you through which aspects of our product suite work best for you.

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