Our power and renewables capabilities

Wind, solar, storage and grid edge technologies are becoming more commercial each day and are achieving significant levels of penetration in global electricity markets. Stay up-to-date on new developments and understand how key players are responding at this pivotal point with our comprehensive power and renewables market forecasts and analysis.

Our capabilities have grown thanks to the recent acquisitions of Greentech Media and MAKE. Greentech Media is the leading provider of solar, energy storage and grid edge technology research, while MAKE is the industry-leading research and advisory firm specializing in wind power. Combined with Wood Mackenzie’s global cross-commodity data and detailed power market fundamentals research, we cover every aspect of the power and renewables market.

Contact us to find out how Wood Mackenzie, Greentech Media and MAKE can help you make smarter business decisions today.

What we do

As a global leader in commercial intelligence for the energy, metals and mining industries, we provide objective analysis and advice on assets, companies and markets, giving clients the insight they need to make better strategic decisions.

We offer a powerful combination of:

  • Robust proprietary data
  • Expert, knowledgeable and collaborative people
  • Integrated analysis and advice

With our robust proprietary data and models we can forecast and value with confidence and provide clients with strategic advice that they trust. Our global teams of experts rigorously evaluate the data, ensuring an unrivalled depth of understanding of our chosen markets. Our consultants work directly with clients to address their business challenges.

Our clients include international and national energy and metals companies as well as financial institutions and governments. We work with a range of diverse teams, from strategy and policy makers, business developers and market analysts, through to corporate finance, risk teams and investors.

Our clients use our research and consulting services to:

  • Understand their markets
  • Value assets
  • Reduce risk
  • Identify and screen opportunities
  • Assess competitors
  • Strengthen strategy
  • Pitch for new business