Upstream Data Tool: You expect the world. So here it is.

At a time of industry change, you are looking to maximise efficiencies, quickly understand the right opportunities and position your organisation for growth. 

Our Upstream Data Tool (UDT) sets the industry standard in upstream oil and gas data analysis. It lets you quickly study trends and identify and benchmark opportunities at the infrastructure, asset, country and company level.

Leveraging UDT's intuitive, flexible interface, you can view, analyse and download information from our established comprehensive global asset and corporate dataset using maps, charts and data grids. Quickly manipulate and interpret our trusted proprietary information to inform exploration strategy, acquisition, development and competitive analysis.

Rapidly search, screen and compare growth opportunities around the world.

Covering 150+ countries, 31,000+ fields and more than 157,000 E&A wells (including planned) UDT has now been enhanced with:

  • 10,000+ transport systems
  • 29,000 offshore facilities
  • Field gross cashflows and company net cashflows from 1965 to 2064
  • Improved data and chart download functionality

UDT is for:

  • Business development: Assess potential opportunities at company, region or asset level.
  • Exploration: Identify new areas for expansion as well as increased potential of your brownfield projects.
  • Service companies: Analyse potential development tie-backs for existing discoveries or yet-to-drill prospects.
  • Strategic planning: Analyse trends and pinpoint outliers using the intuitive interface.
  • Competitor intelligence: Benchmark key thematic and financial metrics against peers and competitors, and link to deeper strategic analysis.
  • Investment banking: Identify trends and drill into potential acquisitions using your criteria, and output visualised data for use in your own presentations and pitchbooks.

When you need to know more, UDT is the one thing you need to know.

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