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Our new Upstream Data Tool sets the industry standard when it comes to upstream oil and gas data and analysis. With this single interactive resource you have access to our entire global upstream dataset, online, allowing you to rapidly search, screen and compare growth opportunities around the world.

The tool gives you access to 200 of our industry professionals who formulate and deliver our world-class data and analysis. At a time when industry landscapes are changing and every sector is demanding higher quality, you can be confident that we provide an unparalleled level of intelligence at every stage.

The Upstream Data Tool provides:

  • Easier access: One click from anywhere on the Wood Mackenzie portal, the Upstream Data Tool integrates with all the written content from our Upstream Service.
  • Improved functionality: More charts, maps and grids are now available so achieving the appropriate visual requires less manipulating and formatting.
  • One consistent data source: You no longer need to aggregate and cross-reference data from multiple sources, thereby reducing the risk of manual error.
  • More time for analysis:  The functions above allow you to spend more time understanding the data and making business decisions you can trust.

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