North America Well Analysis Tool

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Until then, it's just data.

We know that reviewing what Lower 48 operators have done in the past can help inform what they are likely to do in the future. Our new Well Analysis Tool reports on thousands of producing wells across the Lower 48 and provides historical well identity, production and completion data that is both credible and reliable.

And we have made this vast quantity of information easy to access. The tool's intuitive design provides a single user-friendly platform for you to interrogate, filter and download tight oil and shale gas data to perform your own analysis.

Raw well data is available directly from Lower 48 states and industry bodies. However, it is generally ‘unclean’, presented in different formats with inaccurate data entries. Our management of the quality control process saves you time which you can then devote to analysing data based on information you know to be precise.

Data is a commodity in the Lower 48 but our consistent numerical analysis creates additional value. We apply the same methodology to all our research, bringing integrity to our outputs and helping to inform better decisions for clients as the Lower 48 continues to evolve.

Online integration
Our portal lets you interrogate well data online using an intuitive visualisation tool, without the need to download files or use a hosted service. Access up-to-date well analysis wherever and whenever you need, and consider it in context thanks to our comprehensive upstream, mid-stream and downstream research.

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