Downstream Oil Service


In a diverse and dynamic downstream oil industry, you need to identify, screen and evaluate your next opportunities while anticipating and mitigating risks. How do you value assets, benchmark performance and understand the structure and dynamics of the European downstream oil supply chain?

For authoritative and comprehensive analysis of the European downstream value chain, the Downstream Oil Service gives you a solid foundation for future success. Our Downstream Oil Service provides comprehensive and easy access to our trusted data and Insight reports.

Use it to:

  • Evaluate downstream infrastructure, from refineries to storage, distribution and retail networks
  • Investigate the oil product demand trends and forecasts for national markets and end-user sectors
  • Analyse fuel retail market structure, company positions and benchmark peers
  • Understand new market entry potential, trade channels and their profitability
  • Benchmark fuel market competitors and evaluate their profit drivers and strategies
  • Assess the impact of regulatory change, and the impact of legislative frameworks

You will receive:

  • Country reports
    • Comprehensive downstream oil value chain overview for 36 European countries
    • Oil product demand drivers and long-term forecasts
    • Trade flows, market participant positions and volume market shares
    • Refining and retail assets, as well as storage and distribution infrastructure maps
  • Company profiles
    • Corporate overviews for 28 major refining and fuels marketing operators
    • Downstream financial indicators and profitability drivers
    • European refining and fuels marketing portfolios and latest country positions
    • Company SWOT and strategy analyses, including M&A
  • Month in brief reports
    • Insight on the latest M&A activity, including downstream deals, margins and market developments
    • Fuels marketing monthly benchmark margins
    • Regional European refining margins, crack spreads and differentials
    • Oil products demand short-term developments
  • Access to the Downstream Oil data tool
    • Our comprehensive data tool provides easy access to half a million monthly and annual data points

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