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Redefining asset valuation across key shale and tight oil plays

Unconventional development technology is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to forecast well performance when valuations based on curve-fits are often unreliable. Without dependable tools for benchmarking assets and operational practices, how do you obtain accurate well-level performance projections?

FIRM (Forecasting through Inferred Reservoir Modelling) presents an industry-first engineering-based methodology that uses public domain data to infer reservoir, fluid and completion characteristics and forecast well performance – critical for delivering meaningful valuations and projections.

  • View unique engineering-based forecasts for shale and tight oil wells
  • Differentiate between 'nature' and 'fracture' – separate the impact of geology and completion efficiency on performance using inferred rock and fluid properties
  • Efficiently identify optimum well spacing for maximum returns
  • Track fluid properties over time, including oil gravity, gas/oil ratio and natural gas liquid content
  • Benchmark production acreage and highlight areas with the best performance
  • Identify and rank operator technologies and completion efficiencies
  • Model and evaluate completion practices of peers and competitors using 'what if' scenarios
  • Gauge expected production from drilled uncompleted and permitted wells based on location and operator completion efficiences
  • Incorporate our methodology into lease-to-well allocations to achieve superior estimates of well-level production

FIRM analysis is initially being offered as a multi-client study for the key unconventional plays across the US Lower 48. 

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