Navigate Europe's oil product trade flows and storage


The oil storage industry is critical to ensuring the European oil product market can be effectively served. Demand for oil storage has been increasing, driving investment in the sector and increasing competition as businesses look to better position themselves for the future and maximise returns.

Our latest multi-client study 'Turning the tanks: Navigate the future of Europe's oil product trade flows and storage' provides the information and insight you need to understand changing market dynamics, including:

  • Global, country, and port-level gross trade forecasts for oil products
  • A coastal oil storage facility database
  • A terminal competitiveness ranking tool
  • An oil storage tariff rate benchmark forecast
  • A report of the major themes and drivers which will impact the European oil storage industry

This study supports key decision-makers within existing storage businesses, potential investors in the sector and end-users of oil storage facilities.

Use our study to:

  • Identify potential acquisition targets and market opportunities
  • Improve understanding of the competitive landscape
  • Support strategic decision-making
  • Understand the impact of IMO Marpol on trade outlook
  • Support transaction and due diligence activities
  • Provide general market outlook analytics

Read our blog European oil storage: Competitiveness is key to identifying sustainable investments to find out how developments in the oil products market will bring new challenges going forward. Also find out why we believe these changes will create both winners and losers, with operators and investors having to increase their focus on the underlying competitiveness of their storage assets to ensure they are well-positioned for the future.

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