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Our new tool lifts the lid on supply forecasts and cost data to reveal the numbers behind each ethylene asset.

The growth of unconventional gas and technological advances in chemical production have had a significant impact on company margins. Our new Ethylene Asset Cost Tool helps you assess the impact of these changes on your current positions and plan for future development by revealing the data behind each asset. 

By including historical outages, feedstock changes and applying varying utilization rates we provide a 'real world' view of ethylene assets.

Conducting research into every individual ethylene asset, we deliver a deeper level of insight across the entire industry, so you can:

  • Analyse upstream assets, chemical plants and refineries to ensure every link in the chain is profitable.
  • Gain the latest and most reliable view of how well your assets are positioned relative to the competition.
  • Understand the price, cost, and margin structure of every ethylene-producing asset around the world.
  • Identify forward-supply availability for critical steam cracker co-products at the asset level.
  • Assess how feedstock changes, availability and value will impact the wider global chemicals market.

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