Positioning for the future

Benchmarking upstream corporate carbon emissions and value at risk

Carbon emissions targets set by the Paris Agreement, together with potential policy changes, may have a material impact on companies’ asset valuations and long-term corporate strategy. With the risk of carbon costs emerging in a range of countries, understanding the potential value at risk in company portfolios is becoming increasingly important.

Our multi-client study 'Positioning for the future' will provide an apples-to-apples basis for comparing companies’ carbon emissions from their upstream assets and the associated risk to current valuations.

Subscribers will find answers to key questions on corporate carbon risk including:

    • Which companies have the greatest exposure to upstream carbon risk?
    • Where does a company’s exposure to carbon risk lie, whether by asset type, location or emissions source?
    • Which types of upstream assets are most / least carbon intensive?
    • What is the potential likelihood and rigour of climate regulation in a company’s countries of operation?
    • Which companies are best positioned for a low-carbon world?
    • How does a company’s emissions intensity (CO2e/boe) rank amongst peers?
    • How could companies reposition their portfolio to reduce their carbon exposure?
    • What is the potential impact of carbon pricing on the relative economics of future supply projects?
    • What is the risk from carbon-related policy changes to the value of an investment portfolio that contains companies with upstream assets?

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