Build a stronger understanding of upstream infrastructure

As continued oil price volatility creates uncertainty in the oil and gas landscape, forecasting offshore upstream infrastructure is increasingly important in demand planning, investment appraisal, optimising purchase decisions and analysing competitors.

Infield Analytics is an online interactive dashboard system that presents a historic and forecasted view of upstream oil and gas sectors, based on offshore infrastructure, from both an EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) Capex and installation count perspective.

Insightful answers to key questions:

ReportWho’s ramping up capital expenditure?
 Which projects should I focus on for business development?
Which operators should I work with?
What opportunities are available in the wellhead market?
Where can I find an objective view of project finances?

Use Infield Analytics to:

  • Find new opportunities by identifying key project assets
  • Scrutinise your investments with an objective view of project costs
  • Analyse your competitors and their strengths in the market
  • Forecast demand to inform your strategy
  • Save time and money – customised data, without the costs and delay of commissioned work

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