Operations DataHub: unlock the power of collective insight

Introducing a new hub of upstream operations and maintenance intelligence, powered by Wood Mackenzie and OPEX Group.

The Operations DataHub™ is a private data consortium where oil and gas operators can:

  • Define and share best practice
  • Improve operational performance
  • Reduce maintenance activity and costs
  • Move to best-in-class outcomes

Data science is transforming the oil and gas industry. Every day, operating companies are drilling into their data and turning it into actionable and profitable insights.

But what extra value could be discovered looking beyond their own data?

To extract this additional layer of value, Wood Mackenzie and OPEX Group have formed an alliance to launch the Operations DataHub™. This new service leverages data from across the industry to reveal true best practice – without compromising the security of sensitive data.  

Beyond benchmarking: a clear path to optimised performance

Through the Operations DataHub™, it’s now possible to securely pool and analyse huge volumes of data from multiple companies to create robust, anonymised benchmarks. This broadens understanding for all participants – and highlights a clear path for individual companies to achieve cost reduction and tangible performance improvement.

The power of pooled data 

In this short film, Preston Cody, Wood Mackenzie’s Head of Analytics Solutions talks to Jamie Bennett, CEO of OPEX Group, about the shared vision behind our collaboration, and the opportunity the Operations DataHub™ presents for the industry.


Introducing the Operations DataHub

Preston Cody, Wood Mackenzie’s Head of Analytics Solutions, and Jamie Bennett, CEO of OPEX Group, discuss the shared vision behind our collaboration.

Want to tap into collective insight? 

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Why upstream oil and gas needs a data consortium

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