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Gastech 2019: Return of the FID

There’s a new hope in the global LNG market. After the much-anticipated LNG oversupply, could prices find support again?

Wood Mackenzie is the official knowledge partner for this year's Gastech Exhibition & Conference, which takes place from 17-19 September in Houston.

Gastech is a key event for the global gas and LNG industries. Nearly 35,000 professionals from across 30 industry sectors will meet to discuss global issues, opportunities and challenges.


Return of the FID: Gastech 2019

This is a new day, a new beginning

As the second wave of US LNG arrives, the shale gas revolution has catapulted the US to become the largest gas producer in the world. US LNG exports are forecast to double to 20 bcfd in a dozen years between 2022 and 2035. Will the new supply be enough to relieve anticipated market tightness that will emerge in 2023?

We’re pleased to serve as the official knowledge partner of Gastech 2019. Join our experts throughout the week as we demonstrate how to make money in the second wave of US LNG. We’ll share the innovations hitting the international LNG trade routes and explain the prospects for a boost to demand from European utilities.

The force awakens

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Kristy leads our gas market research team, delivering fundamental supply, demand and pricing analysis.

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