U.S. Microgrids 2016

Market Drivers, Analysis and Forecast

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A recent surge in regulated utility interest to deploy microgrids as a platform for “grid modernization,” or as a “non-wires” alternative to capital infrastructure investments, is aligning with interest from major developers and ESCOs to increase their involvement in the development, ownership and operation of microgrids. This mutual preoccupation has served as a catalyst for microgrid business model innovation, as new projects are better able to distribute costs and deliver specific benefits to diverse stakeholders, including consumers, utilities, municipalities and other third-party entities.

In this report, GTM Research considers the sustained positive drivers in the microgrid market, including (1) the rise of multi- stakeholder project ownership models, (2) a noticeable uptick in large commercial and military adoption of microgrids to support critical operations, (3) developing regulated utility interest in strategies to accommodate utility- and third party-owned DER/ microgrid systems and (4) the continued deployment of community-type projects in the Northeast and Alaska.


This report provides:

  • An understanding of microgrid concepts, benefits to different stakeholders and considerations in project development
  • Customer drivers and emerging ownership structures of microgrids
  • A detailed segmentation of the current operational market by region, resource, end customer class and ownership structures
  • Annual capacity (MW) and market opportunity ($) forecasts through 2020
  • GTMR U.S. Microgrid Tracker: Q3 2016 detailing project-level data for 279 operational and planned microgrids. Only available with Premium License purchase.

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