Carbon capture and storage: 2020 state of the market

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This new report evaluates the past and current carbon capture and storage (CCS) market to gain insight into the future of this technology.

With the impacts of the climate crisis being better understood and pressure to decarbonize increasing daily, will CCS be able to play a key role in the energy transition? Read the report, available to subscribers of Wood Mackenzie's Energy Transition Service, to find out.

What is carbon capture and storage?

Carbon capture and storage is a method used for removing carbon dioxide from flue gases of hydrocarbon-based processes and thus preventing atmospheric CO2 emissions. The term CCS is commonly used to describe a suite of technologies, applications and carbon end uses that vary substantially. CCS technology can be used at a multitude of industrial facilities, including power generation, natural-gas processing, petroleum refining, cement production, hydrogen reforming and chemical production. 

CCS has been commercially available since 1976 and can, depending on the application, reduce carbon emissions from industrial processes by over 90%. However, despite this long track record and proven value proposition, the CCS market remains in limbo: High costs, project delays, operational challenges, lack of policy support and condemnation from the environmental movement have stymied the technology’s deployment.

About the report

Wood Mackenzie's latest report on CCS is over 50-pages in length. It details the current market for carbon capture & storage, current technologies, policies, costs, case studies, and Wood Mackenzie's outlook for CCS.

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