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Case Study

Case study: Global energy storage opportunities

A solar developer seeks to expand into storage


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The challenge

A multi-national solar power developer and operator sought to explore global opportunities for the development of utility-scale electricity storage assets, either associated with solar plants or as standalone grid-scale assets.

The solution

Wood Mackenzie and the client agreed on nine countries to target for assessing potential opportunity and/or growth areas for utility-scale solar-plus-storage and standalone storage markets.

The study was divided into four steps:

  1. Market Environment and Drivers: Review the policy and market environment, including critical policies, regulations, programs, incentives, market structures and any other relevant market factors.
  2. Business Models and Economics: Review attractive business models, revenue streams and general economics for solar-plus-storage and standalone storage, including ownership structures to capitalize on available/potential value streams.
  3. Market Size: Provide a 5-year base-case projection, incorporating policy, market inputs, and a qualitative outline of potential upside and downside risks to the forecast.
  4. Competitive Landscape: Describe the existing competitive landscape of EPCs and developers that are currently active or have stated intentions to enter the market.

The results

By recommending the most promising locations for entry, Wood Mackenzie’s analysis helped the client to more appropriately focus and prioritize their corporate strategy efforts and provided a panoramic view of the upside and risks associated with each geography.

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