Demand response and DER research snapshot

Sample figures from two new reports

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This snapshot of demand response markets and trends includes the following sample figures:

- Available demand response capacity in the United States, Q4 2019

- Confirmed behind-the-meter generation capacity from fuel-based resources make up 18% of total DR

- Leaderboard of utilities with largest DR potential

- DR potential and number of residential programs

- DR potential at state level by customer type, 2018

The first source report, 'US wholesale DER aggregation: H1 2020,' provides data and analysis of the ISO/RTO markets where demand response is heavily entrenched. By assessing current programs and opportunities, insights are offered pertaining to market size and opportunity for demand flexibility resources going forward for all customer segments.

The second source report, 'Utility demand response landscape in the US 2020,' offers a deep dive into the state of the demand response (DR) market as of 2018, as well as identifying key program updates and highlights that have transpired since 2015. It focuses on 33 distribution utilities that make up approximately 60% of utility DR potential in the US. Finally, the report analyzes key policy developments that impact the evolution of utility DR programs.

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