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This is a sample of the 'Europe Power introduction: Regional overview and model methodology' report. The report (available in full here) introduces our Europe Power Service and associated European Hourly Dispatch Model (HDM). Building on our existing expertise in the region, our new European HDM enhances the definition of our markets insight, providing full chronological modelling capabilities while also strengthening our integrated research across commodity markets and technology supply chains. The model's granular 8760-hour power dispatch modelling allows us to analyse changing fuel dynamics, supply curves, power flows and the increasing contribution of renewables. Along with a description of the HDM methodology and development, this report provides commentary on the European power market transformation and a summary of our long-term outlook to 2040 for major markets as they transition.

Europe Power & Renewables Service

Successfully evolve alongside the electricity industry by identifying opportunities and making the right strategic adjustments. Our Europe Power & Renewables Package allows you to:

  • Evaluate project economics as power market supply, design and operations evolve
  • Understand the effects of current and potential environmental policy on the generation mix
  • Identify technologies, policies and players that will define the pace and scope of change in the European power system

A subscription to our Europe Power & Renewables Service includes:

  • Detailed asset and policy tracking and analysis
  • Technology and fuel fundamentals from global experts
  • Integrated hourly power market modeling and analytics
  • Analyst access

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