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Report: European PV system pricing 2019

About the Wood Mackenzie Insight

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This insight covers system pricing for utility-scale and residential systems in the top European markets. On average, all-in costs for a 10 MWdc utility-scale project in Europe in 2019 are priced below $1.00/Wdc, with a range from $0.76/Wdc to $0.99/Wdc and a median of $0.87/Wdc. Costs will continue to decline, dropping 25% on average from 2018 to 2024, depending on the market. Price variance between European countries is primarily a function of soft costs, SBOS and EBOS. Residential prices in Europe have a much wider range than utility scale prices, spanning from $1.11/Wdc in Sweden to $2.03/Wdc in France, with a median price of $1.48/Wdc.

The report is only available to subscribers of Wood Mackenzie's PV Technology Systems & Operations Service.

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