European solar PV system pricing 2020

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This report provides system pricing information for the top markets in Europe for utility-scale CAPEX costs. The utility-scale market coverage includes detailed cost breakdowns, forecasts through the next five years and some historical information. Additionally, the report also covers the top residential markets.

Executive summary

Market overview

  • Europe’s market will reach 260 GW of cumulative installations by 2024. Germany, France and Spain are the largest markets in Europe and will account for 43% of Europe’s installations from 2020-2024.
  • In Europe’s residential market, cumulative installations for the top 10 markets will reach over 15.5 GW from 2020 - 2024. The Netherlands leads, followed by Germany and Spain.

Utility-scale system costs in 2020

  • Assuming an average utility-scale project size of 10 MW, blended racking and mono PERC modules, Italy will have the lowest all-in costs at $0.72/W while Switzerland will remain the most expensive market at $0.98/W.
  • All-in costs in Spain will reach $0.82/W, a 2% decrease from 2019 costs, which were $0.84/W.
  • Germany, which will remain the largest solar market in Europe over the next five years, will have an average all-in cost of $0.75/W. France will be the second-largest market and will see an average capex of $0.83/W.

Residential system pricing in 2020

  • The Netherlands, which is the most active residential market in Europe, will have the one of the lowest residential system prices in the region at $1.19/W.
  • Germany, the second-largest residential market, will be priced at $1.39/W.
  • Spain’s market, though slow to take off, will have an average residential system price of $1.37/W.

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