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PowerBuyer is an easy-to-use, daily report that helps inform your day-ahead market bidding decisions and identifies load curtailment opportunities more precisely. We combine Wood Mackenzie's network of real-time power monitor data, a custom fundamental power flow model, and expert analysts to provide a robust forecast. Rely on PowerBuyer to optimise your daily power purchases and save up to 12% in power costs. 

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Leverage the industry’s most advanced fundamental forecasting service 

  • Reduce costs: By uncovering load curtailment opportunities, PowerBuyer saves you money. Combine PowerBuyer with PeakAlerts to minimise demand charges and use our highly accurate locational marginal pricing (LMP) forecasts to identify optimal intervals for economic demand response.  
  • Understand market activity: Our power market analysts and meteorologists provide detail into market dynamics and demand, generation, and congestion-driven risks. 
  • Access our extensive coverage: PowerBuyer is available in key US power market regions, including PJM, ERCOT, NYISO, and ISO-NE.  
  • Improve Profitability: Strengthen your virtual load or supply positions. With our PowerBuyer data feed, get exclusive access to hourly price and demand forecasts.