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Wind Technology, Systems & Operations Service

Be a step ahead of the latest innovations in the wind energy industry and make informed decisions on how to run your turbine business.

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Take advantage of the latest turbine innovations and stay on trend to succeed in the wind industry

Higher, faster, further - wind turbine components are growing in size and output. Cost effectiveness is improving rapidly while at the same time, participants in the wind value chain need to stay competitive.

Our Wind Technology, Systems and Operations Service helps you stay up to date with the latest turbine developments. It provides a comprehensive toolbox of insights, forecasts and data that will help you gain a competitive advantage when it comes to turbines and project operations.

Features at a glance

Update your knowledge on the top 10 wind turbine OEMs, popular turbine models and opportunities in the O&M segment.

The service offers:

  • 4 Annual Reports: Including Global Wind Turbine O&M, Global Offshore Wind Power Technology and Supply Chain, Global Wind Turbine Trends and Global Wind Power Asset Ownership
  • 1 Market Outlook Update10-year market outlook focusing on developments with country-level or regional impact. 
  • 6 Proprietary Databases: Including Wind Power Project Installation Database, Offshore Wind Power Project Database, Wind Turbine Technology Database, Wind Turbine OEM Market Share Database, Global ISP Company Database, Wind Power Asset Owner Company Database
  • Industry-driven Insights: Covering industry events such as mergers and acquisitions, tender results, product launches and regulatory shifts, these short pieces help you assess the potential impact of the event.
  • Topical Presentations: Expert presentations delivered at global conferences and events are also included.
  • Expert Webinars: Join us when our report authors dive into the latest content during live one-hour webinars.
  • 44,000+

    listed wind power projects

  • 250+

    wind turbine models tracked globally

  • 10+

    leading global turbine OEMs analysed

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