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Foresight 20/20: Solar supply chain, systems and technology

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Wood Mackenzie's Foresight 20/20 series offers analysis and predictions about the decade ahead. Fill in the form on this page to get our full analysis of solar system and technology trends over the past decade and predictions for the 2020s.

This Foresight 2020 piece includes:

  • Defining a decade: The 2010s; the decade where solar became cheaper and better
  • Future focused: Not your grandparents’ solar; innovation and a focus on LCOE will define the 2020s
  • Growth gamechanger: Trade barriers may reduce the potential of solar deployment, but emerging PV technologies will propel the market forward
  • Gray swan risk: One benign (intelligent manufacturing), one dangerous (cybersecurity breach), and one that is completely out there, literally (space-based solar)