Key findings and brochure – Global solar PV tracker landscape 2020

As solar costs continue to decline, unique use cases for trackers will likely gain in popularity

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As solar costs continue to decline, unique use cases for trackers will likely gain in popularity.

Half of the new tracker products released during 2019 and 2020 so far were geared toward expanding the range of potential sites where solar PV can be installed to more difficult sites with uneven terrain, high winds, rocky soil, et cetera. 

As the tracker market continues to grow, advances in tracker technology mean that sites that were previously uneconomical for solar are now being developed with trackers.  

An expanding market

2020 will be the first year when tracker market value will surpass fixed tilt. 

Between 2022 and 2025, global annual solar installations will average 135 GW. Meanwhile, the global tracker market will see a 45% increase in installations from 2020-2025. 

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As the tracker installations rise over the next five years, overall tracker market value will flatten as prices continue to decline. 

NEXTracker remained the leading global PV tracker vendor in 2019 according to WoodMac’s report, followed by Array Technologies and Soltec. 

Innovations in tracker technology 

As it grows, the PV tracker vendor and product landscape is becoming more crowded. 

The market saw a number of new entrants in 2019, and 8 vendors have launched new products in 2019 and 2020 so far. 

In an increasingly competitive market, more vendors are choosing to focus on tracker technology that helps maximize solar output on challenging terrain or high-wind zones. 

Tracker technology is also actively being developed for rooftops, carports, agrovoltaics, fisheries, and floating sites, although these use cases aren’t yet mainstream. 

Of the 8 tracker products released in 2019 and 2020 so far, half are focused on difficult terrain or challenging conditions. All of the new products released leverage independent row technology. 

New vendors, new products 

The report profiles the new market entrants with products geared toward unique conditions such as challenging terrain and bad weather.

Two of those profiled in the report include TerraSmart, which launched a two-in-portrait product that is meant for difficult, uneven topography, and Nexans, which launched a tracker product this year that targets sites where land is unstable, such as landfills, quarries, and industrial wasteland. 

More established vendors with products in the category include NEXTracker and Sunfolding.

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About the report

The global PV tracker landscape 2020 report provides detailed, country-specific pricing and forecasts for ground-mount sector installations, including trackers and fixed-tilt. It also explores top trends as they relate to market dynamics, technology and competitive market share. The report includes profiles of the top inverter suppliers globally, providing background information and analysis on such vendors as well as an introduction to up-and-coming tracker vendors.

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