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Webinar - Solar ITC Stepdown Forecast and Strategy: The Path Forward for Supply and Demand

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With the investment tax credit step down beginning in 2020, utility-scale solar developers in the U.S. have begun to solidify their strategy on how to take advantage of the maximum amount of the ITC possible. Colin Smith, senior analyst for U.S. solar at WoodMackenzie Power & Renewables will share their forecast for the U.S. utility solar market, how much developers expect to qualify for commence construction, and how ITC safe harbor strategy will affect both supply and demand.

Smith will dive into what the ITC stepdown from 30 to 10 percent means for the cost competitiveness of utility-scale PV compared to new build natural gas and wind, as well as explore what will drive utility PV procurement outside of renewable portfolio standards with the ITC stepdown, including corporate requirements for renewables.

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