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Permian Infrastructure Outlook


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Permian Infrastructure Outlook

Presenter: John Coleman, Senior Analyst North American Crude Oil Markets

Our webinar was built based on the following reports. 

1) North America crude markets short-term update: Midland basis breakdown, how tight is Permian takeaway capacity? Click here to purchase this report

2) North American Crude Market short-term update: Is a Permian basis blowout spreading to Cushing? Click here to purchase this report

3) North America crude markets short-term update: How wide can Permian differentials go? Click here to purchase this report

4) North American crude markets short-term update: Syncrude ripple effects put Cushing supply back in focus. Click here to purchase this report

5) From Hardisty to Houston: crude market future hinges on infrastructure -- North American crude market H1-2018 update. Click here to purchase this report

6) US crude exports: Making waves. Click here to purchase this report

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