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Battery Raw materials - A comprehensive overview of demand, supply & costs

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Our expert analysts in metals and mining discussed the outlook for EVs, energy storage and the impact on key metals.  The webinar includes these topics and address specific questions from the audience.

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  • EVs, cathode chemistries and energy storage – breaking down the ‘new demand’ story
  • Lithium: Brines vs Hard Rock – the battle continues
  • Cobalt: medium-term respite, long-term tight


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Will electric vehicle manufacturers be able to secure enough raw materials moving forward?

Research associate Milan Thakore sat down with Dukascopy to discuss what's happening with the battery and raw materials used in electric vehicles.  

  • China's plans for EV standardisation and the expected impact on lithium demand
  • Whether EV manufacturers will be able to secure enough battery raw materials
  • Our 2018 outlook for cobalt

Electric vehicle revolution drives demand for lithium-ion batteries

We spoke with Thomson Reuters on all things supply chain at their Global Base Metals Forum.

Growth in electric vehicles to transform the lithium and cobalt industries

The supply scramble has continued into 2018. Some such as Toyota and others have gone 'upstream' and bought equity in lithium mines. While sightings of Elon Musk in Chile started rumours that the poster child of EVs may be about to do the same. Perhaps BMW may have pulled off the biggest coup so far if reports that they have signed a ten year deal for lithium and cobalt turn out to be true.