Global Gas Model Next Generation

Make informed decisions by building your own view of the global gas market

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With over 15 years of global gas modelling expertise, Wood Mackenzie is delighted to announce the launch of our Global Gas Model Next Generation (GGM NG).

Uncertainty over future gas prices, trade flows and even the role of gas in the global energy mix makes long-term business decisions on investments increasingly difficult. Nevertheless, energy companies are committed to increasing the proportion of gas and LNG in their portfolios and banking on gas as the transition fuel to a lower-carbon economy. 

Wood Mackenzie’s cloud-based, proprietary GGM NG and base case enables users to build bespoke scenarios and test “what if” sensitivities. Simulate the impact of seasonal dynamics, evaluate the impact of a new LNG project or pipeline, assess how alternative strategies affect different players and explore the many long-term and short-term risks inherent in the gas market today.

You can use the web-based user interface to flex input assumptions – including supply, demand, pipeline, storage and LNG infrastructure, contracts and producer behaviour – and review results using the built-in, flexible, forecast reporting and visualisations. ​ 

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Global Gas Model Next Generation

Build your own bespoke scenarios and minimise risk by conducting ‘what if’ sensitivity analysis.