LNG vessel nears port
Case Study

What should the strategy be?

A North Asian utility company considering for summer LNG procurement


The challenge

A North Asian utility was considering its strategy for summer LNG procurement. They need to understand supply demand outlook for short term market and spot gas and LNG prices, as well as the possible procurement strategy of their competitors.

Our approach

The LNG Short Term Report and LNG Contract and Tender trend reports were used.

These reports helped the team to understand the specific details of the supply demand balance and market patterns. With our data and analysis, they were able to

• LNG Supply tracker let them understand when new LNG supply projects were likely to start and how this would affect supply availability

• LNG Contract and Tender trend report showed what other buyers typically tender for supply over summer and when tenders are issued

• LNG short-term price outlook and webinar helped them understand the factors which would affect LNG prices and when the best time to procure LNG would be 

The results

• Our reports and tools enabled customer to understand the dynamics which would affect the short-term market ahead of summer, and also the typical procurement patterns of its competitors in other markets

• Provided crucial information which supported the strategic decision-making process of buying LNG on the short-term market over the summer