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Africa Financials Pitchbook


From operational issues to financial challenges – covering everything from exploration to M&A – our detailed analysis and insights will help you dive deeper into the trends, developments, companies and projects driving the industry, giving you a deeper understanding of the current upstream African oil and gas markets.

What is the Africa Financials Pitchbook?

Our Africa Financials Pitchbook is designed specifically for you to assess potential investment opportunities at the asset, country or company level.​ Enabling you to model assets under different price scenarios, with timely and reliable data for your pitch-books​.

Use our analysis and expertise to build and maintain current view of your African markets of interest.

You will receive access to data from our: 

  • Upstream Data Tool ​ 
  • Upstream Service
  • Upstream Asset Valuation  

Based on your needs, you can have access to data cuts at the country or regional level, as well as for the whole of Africa, if required.

Designed to help you:
  • Value assets under any production or cost profile using any price deck or discount rate​
  • ​Granular view of asset costs and production volumes for any number of assets and companies in Africa​
  • ​Filter specific criteria to quickly understand each asset to help support client interactions​
  • Quickly understand development plan options and select the optimal way forward​
  • ​Compare breakeven price with current market value and change any inputs for live asset-by-asset calculations


If you would like more information on our Africa Financials Pitchbook or any of our other products and services please contact us.