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Africa Upstream Toolkit


Evaluate new growth opportunities​ by mapping and identifying potential M&A targets and quickly understand development plan options by viewing assets costs and production volumes​ from first investment to first production.

Our data, analysis and expertise will help you understand the African market and its participants so that you’re in the best position to win business.

What is the Africa Upstream Toolkit?

With the Africa Upstream Toolkit, you’ll be able to analyse and evaluate new growth opportunities​ by mapping and identifying potential M&A targets. Quickly understand development plan options, with granular view on assets costs and production volumes​ allowing you to estimate the time from first investment to first production.

  • Upstream Data Tool 
  • Upstream Service  
  • Global Economic Model

Depending on your needs, you will have access to data at the country or regional level. 

Designed to help you:
  • Benchmark assets and understand development costs using comparable assets
  • Evaluate assets under any production or cost profile using any price deck or discount rate
  • Distinguish market dynamics, long term trends and competitor activities
  • Screen opportunities under different research criteria, recognise breakeven prices, and potential development scenarios
  • Get a granular view of asset costs and production volumes for any number of assets and companies


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