Explore a broader, integrated perspective on chemicals, polymers and fibres with our range of commercial and strategic products and services.

Get a broader, deeper view from upstream energy to chemicals, polymers and fibres with our detailed data and integrated analysis. Visit our dedicated PCI Wood Mackenzie website for more information.

  • Subscription services - Delivering to your business the most up to date and industry-wide prices, news, analysis and forecasts
    • Monthly and quarterly market reports and related services
    • Supply/demand data, giving historical, present and forecasts support your long-term, strategic decision making
    • Price history and forecast services
    • Daily and Weekly Price Reports including short term price forecasts
    • Cost Benchmarking Tools
    • Country and Company Reports
  • Topical studies on contemporary market trends - From time to time we offer reports and studies that have commercial or strategic relevance to the wider market, which can be purchased for a one-off fee.
  • Single Client/Consultancy - Differentiate your business planning with independent, confidential and bespoke client services, tailored to reflect the particular needs of your business. Our thorough understanding of the industries enables us to cover all aspects of business strategy.
  • Industry-Specific Conferences - Our Conferences are industry-specific and designed to provide the ideal opportunity for participants from around the globe to hear the latest thinking from our industry experts, also giving the opportunity for plenty of networking sessions with industry colleagues. Visit our conferences page for more detail.


Engaging with the chemicals industry globally, and linking to our Oil and Gas research, we offer detailed analysis and consulting work on Benzene, Styrene, Mixed Xylenes, Paraxylene, PTA, DMT, Ethylene, Propylene, Ethylene Oxide and Glycols with regular market reporting and forecasts, supply/demand and cost modelling, data services and competitor analysis.

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Leading insight and data on all the major polymers, including the polyester and polyamide chains, plus polypropylene and polyethylene, from upstream feedstocks to end use products such as rigid and flexible packaging. Also detailed knowledge of PET sustainability and R-PET capabilities.

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Based on sound modelling of global final consumer demand, and including scenario analysis work, we specialise in all major fibres, both man-made and natural; polyester nylon, viscose, cotton and wool, including technical fibres and recycled fibres.

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