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Global Trends Service

Understand the implications for global energy supply and demand with 'beyond the base case' scenarios across all fuels sectors.

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A number of developing trends threaten to radically reshape the world of energy. What will the energy world look like in twenty years time and beyond? Advances in technology, energy efficiency and behaviour, and environmental policy are among the factors influencing demand growth and shaping what may be a very different energy mix in the future.

The global energy industry is now looking to the future. You should be too. But it takes a global team of analysts working across the energy commodity space to provide long-term outlooks for coal, oil, gas and alternative energy supply and demand so that you have the right short-term and long-term strategy and plan in place.

What is the Global Trends Service?

Get a complete picture of the industry with integrated cross-commodity analysis built on long-term forecasts from all along the energy value chain. Our Global Trends Service develops energy sensitivities and scenarios across all fuels and all sectors, quantifying the impact of global energy trends and risks. It also includes expert timely commentary from our senior energy thought leadership team on significant global events that could have a major impact on the global energy outlook.

You will receive:

  • Written insights covering key global trends, risks, events and macroeconomic outlook
  • Sensitivities and scenarios for in-depth analysis of high-impact risks and events
  • Global Energy Outlook, our annual report analysing emerging trends in our long-term base case view
  • 20

    year forecasts

  • Expert

    commentary from thought leadership team

  • In-depth

    analysis of high-impact risks and events

  • Annual

    report on emerging trends

Designed to help you:
  • Examine evolving trends and their effect on the global energy market
  • Leverage cross-commodity integrated analysis built on our 20-year forecasts
  • Address complex questions on current events and their potential global impact
  • Evaluate energy market risks and opportunities created by the activities of governments, regulators, and supplier and consumer companies
  • Easily and quickly benchmark our analysis with other global energy forecasts