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Europe gas markets long-term outlook - H2 2015

Europe gas markets long-term outlook - H2 2015

Report summary

The European gas market is going through profound changes, driven by policy decisions as well as an environment of very challenging market fundamentals, with the on-going Russia-Ukraine crises adding further uncertainty. How these changes play out will dictate how the European market - and ultimately prices - will evolve.

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Volatility in oil markets and the growth of unconventional gas supply have created a high degree of uncertainty about future gas demand and the direction of gas prices.

This Gas Markets Long Term Outlook report forecasts future pricing, based on deep analysis of gas supply and demand fundamentals. Additionally, it addresses complex questions on gas flows, identifies future opportunities and informs fuel purchasing strategies.

Participants and investors can use this long term outlook report to understand gas markets and assess the impact of global gas dynamics and key market drivers.

Wood Mackenzie provides detailed supply, demand and price forecasts based on our integrated upstream, power, coal and LNG research. Our regional gas experts are based in the markets they analyse, providing comprehensive analyses of regional and global gas markets.

If you want to understand complex gas market dynamics and plan for the future, Wood Mackenzie is the premier resource to help you gain a clear, competitive advantage.

  • Executive summary
  • Economic outlook
  • Policy and regulation
    • Dimension 1: Energy security, solidarity and trust
      • Main projects and initiatives:
      • Security of supply
      • Main projects and initiatives:
      • Internal market
      • Competition
      • Anti-trust enforcement
    • Dimension 3. Decarbonising the economy
      • Main projects and initiatives:
      • The Paris Agreement, an upside risk for the EU climate change targets, but not soon
      • Renewable energy targets
      • CO2 emission targets
    • Dimension 4. Energy efficiency
      • Main projects and initiatives:
      • Energy efficiency targets
    • Dimension 5. Research, Innovation and Competitiveness
      • Main projects and initiatives
  • Demand
    • Power sector
    • Non-power sectors
      • Industrial sector
      • Residential/commercial sector
      • Other sectors
      • LNG marine bunker sector
  • Supply
    • Groningen production restrictions constrain European supply in medium term
    • In the long-term European shale disappoints and decline accelerates
  • Infrastructure
    • LNG import infrastructure
      • Existing infrastructure
      • Projects under construction
      • Pre-FID projects
      • Other Services
    • Piped import infrastructure
    • Russia
      • Turkish Stream
      • Nord Stream expansion
      • Others
    • North Africa
      • Galsi
      • Green Stream expansion
      • Southern corridor
  • Contracts
    • LNG
    • Piped
  • Costs
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Supply-demand balances
    • Flow dynamics – Russia
    • Flow dynamics – Norway
    • Flow dynamics – Algeria
    • Flow dynamics – Southern Corridor
    • Flow dynamics – LNG
  • Risks and uncertainties

In this report there are 28 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
  • Economic outlook
    • Q3 2015 GDP growth (2010-2035)
  • Policy and regulation
    • Energy Union package
  • Demand
    • Gas demand by sector
    • Capacity growth by fuel*
    • Power generation mix*
  • Supply
    • Domestic gas supply
  • Infrastructure
    • Key infrastructure
    • Regas capacity by status
    • Regas capacity and contracted volumes
    • Pipe capacity
    • Pipe capacity and contracted volumes
  • Contracts
  • Costs
    • Long run delivered costs of gas to North West Europe
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Europe supply-demand gap
    • Europe contestable demand and competing supply
    • Europe demand and supply mix
    • Europe contestable demand and supply mix
    • Russia contracted and uncontracted flows into Europe
    • Russia flows by major pipelines into Europe
    • Norway contracted and uncontracted flows into Europe
    • Norway flows by major pipelines into Europe
    • Algeria contracted and uncontracted flows into Europe
    • Algeria flows by major pipelines into Europe
    • Turkey demand and supply (including transit)
    • Southern Corridor flows (transiting Turkey)
    • Contracted and flexible LNG flows into Europe by importing regions
    • Total LNG flows into Europe by importing regions
    • Contracted and flexible LNG flows into Europe by exporting regions
    • Total LNG flows into Europe by exporting regions
  • Risks and uncertainties
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