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Vietnam gas markets long-term full report 2015

Vietnam gas markets long-term full report 2015

Report summary

Over the next five years, Vietnam moves towards coal as an alternative to meet power demand growth especially in the south. The Vinh Tan 2 coal-fired power plant has already started operations in 2014 while the 1,200 MW Vinh Tan 1 plant has just started construction in July 2015. These plants signal Vietnam's shift towards coal while existing gas-fired power plants will see its market share being reduced as these plants come online.

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  • Vietnam gas markets long-term full report 2015 PDF - 839.77 KB 34 Pages, 15 Tables, 22 Figures
  • Vietnam Gas Data.xls XLS - 780.29 KB


Volatility in oil markets and the growth of unconventional gas supply have created a high degree of uncertainty about future gas demand and the direction of gas prices.

This Gas Markets Long Term Outlook report forecasts future pricing, based on deep analysis of gas supply and demand fundamentals. Additionally, it addresses complex questions on gas flows, identifies future opportunities and informs fuel purchasing strategies.

Participants and investors can use this long term outlook report to understand gas markets and assess the impact of global gas dynamics and key market drivers.

Wood Mackenzie provides detailed supply, demand and price forecasts based on our integrated upstream, power, coal and LNG research. Our regional gas experts are based in the markets they analyse, providing comprehensive analyses of regional and global gas markets.

If you want to understand complex gas market dynamics and plan for the future, Wood Mackenzie is the premier resource to help you gain a clear, competitive advantage.

  • Executive summary
    • Data summary
    • Market overview
      • South East Vietnam nearing completion of Phase 1 of the Nam Con Son 2 pipeline
      • Talisman on the path to FID for the Ca Rong Do development
      • PetroVietnam acquires Chevron's stake in Block B&52
      • Is Vietnam experiencing an exploration renaissance?
  • Economic outlook
  • Policy and regulation
    • Energy Policy
      • Key stakeholders
      • Policy drivers
      • Competition
      • Fuel mix
      • Pricing
    • Gas Market Regulation
      • Upstream
      • Transmission
      • Distribution
  • Key companies
    • Upstream
    • Midstream/downstream
  • Supply
    • Gas supply availability
    • Contracted gas
      • Supply from South West Vietnam
      • Supply from South East Vietnam
      • Supply from North Vietnam
    • Uncontracted gas
      • Potential uncontracted supply from South West Vietnam
      • Potential uncontracted supply from South East Vietnam
      • Potential uncontracted supply from Central/North Vietnam
    • Yet-to-find gas
  • Infrastructure
    • Gas maps
    • Gas infrastructure – existing
      • South Vietnam pipeline
      • North Vietnam pipeline
    • Gas infrastructure – under development & proposed
      • Block B&52 – O Mon
      • Nam Con Son 2
    • LNG infrastructure
      • Current regasification status
      • Future regasification terminal development
  • Demand
    • Southeast Vietnam
      • Southeast Vietnam gas demand (power)
      • Southeast Vietnam gas demand (nonpower)
    • Southwest Vietnam
      • Southwest Vietnam gas demand (Power)
      • Southwest Vietnam gas demand (Nonpower)
    • North Vietnam
      • North Vietnam gas demand (Power)
      • North Vietnam gas demand (Nonpower)
    • Central Vietnam
      • Central Vietnam gas demand
  • Supply-demand balances
    • LNG outlook
      • Medium and long term LNG outlook
    • Southeast Vietnam gas balance
      • Southeast Vietnam gas market balance
    • Southwest Vietnam gas balance
      • Southwest Vietnam gas market balance
    • North Vietnam gas balance
      • North Vietnam gas market balance
    • Central Vietnam gas balance
      • Central Vietnam gas market balance
  • Prices
    • Current gas pricing trends
    • Gas price forecast
    • Upstream gas prices
      • Power Sector
      • Fertiliser
      • Industry

In this report there are 37 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
    • Vietnam gas demand by sector
    • Vietnam gas demand by region
    • Vietnam gas market balance
    • Key changes to analysis from H2 2014 publication:
  • Economic outlook
    • GDP forecast - Vietnam
    • Economic indicators
  • Policy and regulation
    • Vietnam’s energy policy and regulatory structure
    • Vietnam gas market value chain
    • Major energy legislation
  • Key companies
    • Vietnam gas reserves - top 20 reserve holders*
    • PetroVietnam and PV Gas (PGD) financials
  • Supply
    • Total potential gas supply available - Vietnam
  • Infrastructure
    • South East Vietnam gas pipelines and fields
    • South West Vietnam gas pipelines and fields
    • North Vietnam gas pipelines and fields
  • Demand
    • Southeast Vietnam total gas demand
    • Power sector gas users
    • Industry sector gas users
    • Southwest Vietnam total gas demand
    • Power sector gas users
    • Industry sector gas users
    • North Vietnam total gas demand
    • Power sector gas users
    • Industry sector gas users
    • Central Vietnam total gas demand
    • Power sector gas users
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Vietnam LNG demand
    • Southeast Vietnam balance
    • Cuu Long gas pipeline
    • Nam Con Son gas pipeline
    • Southwest Vietnam balance
    • Pipeline Utilisation (Malaysia Vietnam CAA)*
    • North Vietnam balance
    • Central Vietnam balance
  • Prices
    • Vietnam end-user gas prices against fuel oil
    • Gas price outlook to 2035
    • Current gas pricing - key upstream gas contracts
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