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Engie LNG corporate summary

Engie LNG corporate summary

Report summary

Engie’s strategy is changing. The company is re-positioning itself to target cleaner fuels in anticipation of a low-carbon future. Gas, with its role as a transition fuel, is a core part of this shift and the company is looking to grow in LNG, to support business development in emerging markets. The company is betting on its integrated business model – building power assets, creating demand for gas or LNG as fuel and as back-up to intermittent renewable production. Leveraging its power experience will allow the group to strengthen its gas value chain via LNG/gas-to-power projects, gas/LNG infrastructure and retail activities. As it looks to internationalise, a key focus will be on rebuilding its offtake portfolio to replace expiring contracts from the 2020s.

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The LNG market is set to increase by 50% between 2015 and 2020. This spectacular growth is transforming the market, with many new companies entering the sector and changing the industry landscape. LNG buyers are becoming increasingly fragmented, while the new emerging markets have smaller demand needs. This shift has increased demand for portfolio LNG supply.

This report allows you to understand how this company uses its LNG supply volumes, market access and shipping assets to create value from its LNG business. It provides an overview of the company's LNG strategy, assets, LNG supply access, LNG market commitments to give an accurate forecast of its flexible LNG portfolio.

As the LNG business continues to expand, in terms of both the number of players and the absolute volume of LNG traded, it is vital to understand the position and strategy of key suppliers and competitors.

Offering bottom up market analysis for over 150 LNG supply assets, 28 LNG-importing countries and more than 500 LNG contracts, Wood Mackenzie is the definitive and trusted resource for the LNG industry. We use our robust database and expert industry knowledge to help you understand the dynamics of the global LNG industry and identify emerging trends and opportunities.

  • Executive summary
    • SWOT Analysis
  • LNG strategy
    • Engie's global strategy: a transition to cleaner energy
  • LNG assets
    • Gas into LNG
    • Liquefaction capacity
      • Operating/Post FID
      • Planned/Pre FID
      • Cancelled/on hold
    • Regas Capacity
      • France
      • Other European access
      • Small-scale LNG and services
      • Latin America
      • Other large-scale
      • United States
    • Shipping
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Table 5 Engie contracted LNG supply
    • Figure 6 Engie contracted LNG supply
    • France
    • Short-term deals (<5 years)
    • Long-term deals (5 years and more)
    • Small-scale LNG and services
    • New offtake will only temporarily increase flexible LNG
  • Value drivers
    • Contract pricing
      • Engie contracted supply pricing
      • Engie's committed LNG pricing
      • Price spread arbitrage
      • European gas market position
      • WACOG/WAPOG: squeezed trading margins
  • Risks and uncertainties

In this report there are 24 tables or charts, including:

  • Executive summary
    • Executive summary: Table 1
  • LNG strategy
    • Engie's disclosed LNG sales
    • Contracted LNG into portfolio
  • LNG assets
    • Table 1 Engie Upstream supply to LNG Liquefaction Plants
    • Figure 1 Gas into LNG by equity
    • Figure 2 Effective Liquefaction Capacity by Equity
    • Table 2 Engie Liquefaction Capacity
    • Table 3 Engie Regasification Capacity
    • Figure 3 Engie's Regas Capacity
    • Figure 4 Engie Shipping – Owned and Chartered
    • Figure 5 Shipping Capacity vs Contracted Supply
    • Table 4 Fleet Statistics
  • Supply-demand balances
    • Supply-demand balances: Table 1
    • Supply-demand balances: Image 1
    • Table 6 Committed LNG sales
    • Figure 7 Committed LNG sales by import country
    • Figure 8 Regional sales breakdown
    • Figure 9 Engie Flexible LNG (mmtpa)
  • Value drivers
    • Figure 10 Engie supply contracts
    • Figure 11 Engie committed sales
    • Figure 12 Engie supply contracts by basin
    • Figure 13 Engie committed sales by basin
    • Figure 14 Contract pricing summary
    • Figure 15 WACOG and WAPOG
  • Risks and uncertainties
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